Psalm 82:1: who are the other gods in the divine council?


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So Nivik is also asking Psalm 82.

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One who are the other gods on the design Council? And Nivik, that is a really great question, I really appreciate it and I think you have have to look there’s two places in the Bible that I want to show you. The first is actually going to that chapter in Psalm 82 and we’ll start in verse one and then I’ll show you verse six. Go ahead and read to Psalm 82, verse one, just so that people can know what you are referring to. It saysalma basaph God stands in the congregation of the mighty, he judges among the gods. So it’s saying here that God standing among the congregation of the mighty. So basically with his people. So when God, true God the Father in Heaven is standing in his people, he’s saying and he judges among the gods. So God is in a sense calling his people Gods. And if you go down to verse six, you can see that that’s reiterated in Psalm 82, verse six and it reads I have said ye are Gods and all of you are children of the Most High. So again, here we see God is saying that because you are my children, you are like God.

Speaker 2

It’s not that you are actually have divinity in that sense that we’re not the same as Jesus, we’re not the same as the Father in any way, but we have been given the gift of being called sons and daughters of God. And if you go with me to the book, jesus is something very interesting on this topic as well. If you go with me to John chapter ten, verses 34 and 35, jesus says something very interesting. So John chapter ten, verse 34 and that reads jesus answered them, is it not written in your law? I said ye are Gods. And so actually what Jesus is referring to, if you go to the verse before actually, I’m sorry, would you mind pulling that up? In John chapter ten, verse 33, the context is that Jesus is speaking to the Pharisees and it says the Jews or these Pharisees answered him saying for good work we stone, be not but for blessed me because thou being a man, makeest thyself God. Because Jesus was calling God the Father, his Father. And so Jesus is saying like look, in essence calling himself the Son of God. And Jews are saying you can’t say that, you can’t say you’re the Son of God because to be the son of God, that makes you divine.

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And so as we just read in John chapter 1034, jesus is like well, haven’t you read in your law that I said because Jesus wrote it the Old Testament, y, our gods in verse 34. And then he says something in verse 35, which I think just kind of wraps it up. So John 1035 reads if you call them gods and to whom the word of God came so basically those who to the word of God came and the scripture cannot be broken. So basically that as long as you accept the word of God and you become a child of God, you are like Gods in the sense that you have the spirit of God living in you, you have access to the tree of life, you have access to having there’s a divine power given to you in essence, however spiritually speaking. And it’s not that we are actually God in the sense that we have power like God has to forgive, we have been given a certain amount of power and that we have the responsibility of sharing the gospel, sharing God’s words to the world around us. And so that’s what it’s talking about as far as the Gods being the congregation, God’s people.

Speaker 2

And I think that the reason God calls us that is to remind us the great responsibility we have as messengers of His Word and to whom he is granted to us, his precious truth. Any other thoughts, guys?

Speaker 1

Yeah, I was going to say that. Thank you Tina, for that. That was a really good explanation. Also, one of the characteristics of God is that he has the ability to judge or he has been given the gift of being able to judge us and that’s kind of his prerogative as a divine being. However, in one Corinthians six, verse two, it talks about how God is telling us that we will judge the nations. And from what I understand, that to be 3000 years of peace after the resurrection. And so in a sense though, if we’re given the privilege of being able to judge nations, it’s not to say that we are Gods, but maybe that we could become or participate with God in the judging of the nations and we can participate in the characteristics that he rules with, which is part of the judgment. So I thought that was an interesting thought.

Speaker 2

Oh, that’s a really good thought. I totally agree with that, Faye. And I think too when it comes to like you’re saying, don’t you know that we shall judge angels? We definitely have part with God in judgment. And I think that that’s an attribute that God gives to us. And God calls us a nation of kings and priests. And so Jesus is a king and a priest. So I definitely hear what you’re saying. I think that’s a really good thought. Any other thoughts?

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Yeah, and there’s a psalm where it says ye are Gods, referring to the judges and leaders of Israel. And Jesus even quotes that same verse, says it can have different meanings, not quite what we think.

Speaker 1

Yeah, it’s like the characteristics that God carries are the characteristics that we can carry. And in that sense we can become like Him. Not Him, but like Him in his image.

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