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Recently California State Senator Ricardo Lara proposed SB 1146, a bill ironically disguised under the language of an anti-discrimination bill. The trouble of course is that SB 1146 blatantly discriminates against religious schools that wish to maintain a code of conduct in line with their faith.

For example here at Biola, the school arranges for separate student housing for both unmarried persons and married couples. However due to traditional views on marriage this is naturally not extended to so-called “gay marriage” as homosexual conduct is not in line with the schools conduct code. Likewise, the school does not recognize the recent bizarre leftist notion of “gender identity” and the accomodations associated with it: crossdressing men are not allowed in the ladies room and ladies are not allowed in the men’s room, regardless of what they identify as.

This is by no means discrimination against gays lesbians or people suffering from gender identity disorder. Biola policy allows people from all identity groups to join. What it disallows are behaviors which conflict with its religiously based code of conduct, not people. Furthermore, the schools code applies to straight students as well. Polyamory, sexual conduct before marriage and such are disallowed by the same policy.
Biola University President, Barry Corey explains the threat SB 1146 poses to California’s faith based schools.

However the left-wing extremists supporting the bill refuse to see it this way and insist on demanding a right to behave however they wish even if it violates religious schools codes of conduct. Furthermore, they wish to demand approval from others regardless of their beliefs, as there are plenty of other schools available. And if California’s religious schools such as Biola do not want to submit to their demands, they want to use government power to force their will on those who disagree. As it turns out, they are not simply willing to tolerate disagreement.

It should also be noted that this is not even related to federal aid for the school but for student loans. The bill seeks to cut off student loans for such schools. In other words students can apply for loans, but they then want to dictate to the students where they can and can not go, apparently in an effort to punish schools that do not agree with their sexual extremism.

The purpose of government involvement in the public sector is to provide for the public good, not to enforce twisted political agendas that wish to force everyone to agree that good and bad behaviors are both equally good, or force everyone to accept a conflation between equality between people, and equality between good and bad behaviors. Nor is it to force agreement that behaviors are identical with persons, and that one is therefore discriminating against a person if one disagrees with a behavior. Regardless of these politically motivated smokescreens, the bottom line is that repressing religious institutions does not serve the public good.

Many hundreds of thousands of students benefit from the religious education California’s religious schools provide, and SB 1146 would damage the public good of a significant portion of the population that the student aid program is meant to serve. Because of this I strongly urge you to call your representatives in the state legislature to oppose SB 1146 and the attack on religious liberty that it represents.

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