Pride is a sin how could it have been part of Lucifer’s nature getting him to fall from heaven?


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Christina is asking if pride is a sin how could it have been part of lucifer’s nature getting him to fall from heaven cool and i’ll just you could be right the way i see pride though is pride in of itself is not the sin but more like a symptom of sin or if it is really entertained indulged then maybe that becomes the sin which i do believe satan did and we could take a look at ezekiel 28 14 starting there it and let me switch to nkjv and it says because i or i was trying to point to you because i was trying to say you i think you should answer this so ezekiel 28 48 says you were the anointed cherub who who covers or the covering cherub i god established you you were on the holy mountain of god you walked back and forth in the midst of the fiery stones so he here got describing standing and he was as close to god as anybody could get and he was a covering cherub that’s like we understand that to be the highest position an angel could have again in terms of proximity even closest to god and then the next verse verse 15 it says you were perfect in all your ways from the day you were created till iniquity was found in you so god made him perfect and then one day now there was iniquity in him and i think in this context you know god is telling us he was in such a high and lofty position he had so much going for him that yeah i think it’s suggesting there that pride eventually got in the way of satan if we switch over now to isaiah chapter 14. uh start at verse well yeah isaiah let’s say 14 starting at verse 12 it says how oh let me also switch over to nkjp i’m used to these verses in the the king james so it says i yeah how fallen from heaven o lucifer son of the morning how you are cut down to the ground you are weakened the nations for you have said in your heart i will ascend to heaven i will exalt my throne above the stars of god i will sit on the mount of the congregation on the farther sides of the north i will ascend above the heights of the clouds i will be like the most high i mean all this i i i and i all i said more or less suggesting i’m going to be bigger better more powerful than god i i can’t describe this any other way than um the most ridiculous pride there ever is and ever will be and um and yeah i guess our only consolation is isaiah 14 15 next verse yet you shall be brought down to sheol to the lowest depths of the pit god someday will bring an end to satan will uh will will kill him destroy him and there’ll be no more rebellion but yeah pride is truly i say at the heart of the fall of satan and what continues to perpetuate his rebellion against god just because he wanted to wanted to be god did you have anything else to add to that one tina i i mean i totally agree i think that’s you know definitely spot on and i think you know when it comes to you know you’re you’re flat out saying you know my sister that you know pride is a sin and it is and it’s kind of weird to think like you know lucifer lived in the presence of a holy god and he was perfect he didn’t have any sin so how did sin come out of you know perfection or a lack of sin and you know i think the thing that we have to remember is it’s you know it started in the mind and in the heart and you know he allowed himself to start thinking things that maybe you know he started to focus on self instead of focusing on god and i think that that’s such an important thing that we have to keep in mind as you know as god’s people that the closer we get to god that we don’t start thinking like oh well look how great i am or holy i am or is there anything you know how you know special or whatever about myself but rather we have to keep our eyes fixed on jesus and his goodness and his mercy and love and i think that’s the the best cure um for any pride that we have because then we remember oh yeah i i am completely dependent on god for my life for for every breath i take for everything i have and so you know just um that would be my only two cents you know thinking about that as far as you know basically being careful not to fall down that same path because i think you know it’s very easy to to do that in some way maybe not exactly the way the devil did but you know the devil tempts us in different ways to think that we’re something when we’re we’re really nothing you know there’s no good thing in us anything good in us is from god so yeah


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