Noah’s Ark – Replica Opens to the Public


Johan Huibers, a Dutch creationist and millionaire has reproduced a replica of Noah’s Ark, built the proportions laid out in The Bible. There were only 5 people working on this ark and only one of them was a carpenter. It took them over 4 years to build it. The Noah’s ark replica is docked at the southern Netherlands town of Dordrecht. It is 450 feet long. Johan has filled it with life sized plastic animals and some live birds to give it character. This huge construction was turned to a museum.

Johan decided to build Noah’s Ark replica after having a dream that Holland would be flooded again. Wait a second the whole country destroyed. Well people today are talking about the destruction of the world in 2012.

Naaaaaaaaaa!  Talk about invading the space, mastering genetic codes, finding cures for terminal diseases.  End of the world scenarios do not sit well with the 21 century people.

Funny… but there is another Museum in the mountains of Turkey on the mountainside overlooking the former “boat shaped object”, which had been proclaimed by the Turkish Government to be original remains of “Noah’s Ark” which was discovered in June 2, 1987.

Now this brings the truth home. The whole known world got destroyed once. And we are looking back at the archeological discovery of this fact.

It did happen. I am getting the feeling that God is serious about visiting our planet again to put an end to evil for good just as the Bible says. But this time it will not be with water.

I better do something about that… and soon.

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