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Noah-2014-TRThe epic Noah scored a stellar $44 million opening this weekend despite the huge amount of controversy that has surrounded it prior to its release.

Paramount’s big budget film grossed more than $95 million worldwide on opening day, courtesy of an early launch in countries like Mexico and South Korea. In Russia, the film grossed $17 million, which is the highest ever opening for a non-sequel. Noah is number four on the list of top openings of all time.

The film, which was directed by Darren Aronofsky of Black Swan fame, features a darker take on the Old Testament tale. During filming, Noah sparked a controversy among Christian groups in the United States, and even got banned from some Muslim countries. As a result, Paramount Pictures added a disclaimer at the beginning of its film stating that “artistic license was taken” in interpreting the biblical tale of Noah.

Very exciting movie and thought provoking which makes a person wonder:

Is there any scientific evidence for the flood?

Early geologists (Steno, Woodward, etc.) bore strong witness to the historicity of a worldwide Flood. Studies revealed that all the mountains of the world have been under water at some time in the past as shown by sedimentary rocks and marine fossils near their summits. The masses of dead sea-life found atop every major mountain range in the world are strong evidence that the planet’s surface was covered by a global flood.

In fact most of the earth’s crust consists of sedimentary rocks (sandstones, shales, limestones, etc.) These consist mostly of eroded, displaced, re-solidified sediments which were transported, sorted, and re-deposited in water. These layers also contain of the fossilized remains of billions and billions of displaced dead things — the fossil record.

Further, the assigned “ages” of the sedimentary beds have been deduced from their assemblages of fossils. Fossils normally require very rapid burial and compaction to be preserved at all. Thus every sedimentary formation appears to have been formed rapidly-even catastrophically- like the Biblical flood scenario. The entire geologic column seems to be the product of continuous rapid deposition of sediments.

The Grand Canyon, the Strait of Gibraltar and the channel under the Golden Gate Bridge are all proofs of rapid erosion by large bodies of water which carved out these marvels of nature in a matter of weeks or months, not millions of years.

Finally, the fact that there are legends of a great Flood found in hundreds of tribes (230) in all parts of the world is another solid evidence that those tribes all originated from the one family preserved through that cataclysm.

These facts constitute a compelling scientific proof for the Flood of Noah.

Now if the Flood story is true, wouldn’t the Bible warning of a coming global destruction by fire be true as well?




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