My Heavenly Father?

That’s right YOUR Heavenly Father. You have a Father in heaven. He happened to be the most powerful person in the universe. In fact, He created the whole universe. He is holding everything in space by His Word. All that is out there belongs to Him and obeys Him.

Can you imagine that? Your Heavenly Father owns the whole universe, the planets, stars and galaxies. All matter belongs to Him. Do you know what that means? He’s got everything at His disposal. Hard to grasp that huh?  The Creator is YOUR heavenly Father. This is a fact no one can change.

But are you His Son?

If yes, why do you go around mobbing your bad luck and feeling sorry for yourself? Wipe those tears … you got it made. You have everything you need. You’ll never be alone. You have nothing to worry about. Your destiny is in the best hands; Your Heavenly Father will never leave you nor forsake you. You are forever safe in His care.

But wait a second are you really a son or a daughter of God?

Are you?

If not. All it takes is a decision.

God made all the provisions for your adoption and is waiting for you to make your decision today.

How do you make this choice? Easy. Just tell Him that you accept Him as your Father.

Once you do, God will take you by the hand and will show you how to be His Son. Daily communion with the Father through the Word and prayer, will keep this relationship growing.

What are you waiting for?  Run for your heavenly Father. Don’t waste any more time alone, in need and in fear.

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