Answered by: Natalie


Music Has Ruined Us

Have you ever heard of the experiments that showed that plants exposed to classical music grew better than plants exposed to other music? Not going to name music types here. It is needless to elaborate on the significance of how music affects our psyche; it affects our mood, it changes our feelings, it subconsciously starts to make us move, etc. Music can be beneficial to us, but it has turned into a monstrous method of ruining us.

From the beat and rhythm, to the lyrics, to the music videos, music has demoralized us. Have you ever sat down to listen to the lyrics of new songs? Are you familiar with the lyrics of older songs? If not, consider the following example of song titles:

  • “Pretty Woman” Roy Orbison (1964)
  • “Sexy B*tch” Akon (2010)

Songs get stuck in our head, we repeat the lyrics in our minds. What we allow our minds to dwell on affects our actions, which reflects our character. If we are listening to demoralizing lyrics, what can we expect our actions to be like? These are just touching on song lyrics, imagine how much music videos we watch affect us. We are visual creatures, images that we see become imprinted in our brains. How much more impressionable is an image that is associated with music? I haven’t had the chance to watch many music videos, but recently I took the liberty of watching one and I was shocked at how sexual it was. I can’t remember the song or the lyrics, but it featured Beyonce… Need I say more? I was disturbed at the thought of the number of people who view such videos, their age range, and the amount that they actually see. It’s no wonder that our morals are on the steepest decline rate ever. What do we expect?

I’m not even going to touch on how music and visual images are pirated by pornography but with today’s music videos, what need is there of pornography? I wouldn’t really understand or know if there is a difference between them, but if there is, I would be speechless.

We have to be able to control the avenues into our minds if we desire to maintain any sort of decency. But even our standard of decency has been so marred that we do not know where to appropriately mark the levels anymore. Oh be careful little eyes what you see, or be careful little ears what you hear. We have to be able to guard these avenues so that we can slow down the rate of our moral decline, and going on a long shot, even stop it. If we don’t, the end of intellect is upon us. But first, we must start with ourselves before we can inspire and motivate others. The purpose of this was not to judge anyone or point fingers, but to create awareness so that we can watch ourselves where the best change and most effective work should start.

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