Josh Hamilton’s victory over drugs

Josh Hamilton had a dream that he would be in Yankee Stadium in a Home Run. His dream came true in July 14, 2008.

But it wasn’t long ago that Hamilton wasn’t a professional baseball player at all. He was a cocaine and heroin. And he had to drop out of baseball for three years.

This happened after Hamilton was injured in a car accident in 2001 and was sidelined from baseball. Sadly, he began hanging with the “wrong crowd,” and he quickly succumbed to the pressures existing in that atmosphere. Hamilton was abusing alcohol and drugs until 2005 when he hit rock bottom in drug addiction. That’s when he turned to God for help and the Lord turned his life around miraculously. He often testifies of how Jesus brought him back from the brink of despair and that faith is what keeps him going today.

Josh said that it was a humbling experience to be addicted. One of his favorite Bible passages come from the Book of James: “Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall lift you up.”

Hamilton came through the slavery of addiction and resumed his baseball career. He was given a national stage to celebrate his recovery and give thanks to God.

His autobiography called Beyond Belief explains how he quit drugs and alcohol and found a relationship with God.

Currently Josh plays for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. He is a five-time MLB All-Star and won the AL Most Valuable Player Award in 2010.

One of the television commentators summed his experience up best—“It’s a bad night for atheist.”

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