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By OliviasOutlook

Passion of the Christ’s actor, Jim Caviezel, is an outspoken advocate for the pre-born and their right to life. Caviezel’s personal life is a living testimony to what he preaches. Jim and his wife, Kerri, have adopted two children from China who have special needs. Their first child, Bo, was adopted after a traumatic five year experience with brain damage and was then abandoned and sent to an orphanage. Thankfully, he was later adopted by Jim and Kerri.

Jim Caviezel has spoken out frequently in the past against abortion and has denounced it as a great sin in America. He always adds a message of forgiveness to those who have been involved with this experience.

Caviazel is quoted to say, “Some of you have had abortions – some men here, and women are adulterers.” He stated this during a question and answer session at a church. “Some have committed murder. Some of you didn’t have the abortion but paid for it, so you have contributed to this. Many people are part of this great sin in this country … over 50 million in the United States alone, and 45 million die every year in the world. These are all God’s children and God brings them home.”

He added, “when you’ve committed a sin, any of the 10 commandments or the sin of abortion or contributed to it, let me be very clear. Did you go to one of your friends and ask your friend, ‘Hear my story?’ And s/he said, ‘Yes.’ I went to this one person and asked, ‘Why do you go to this one person?’ S/he answered, ‘Because they didn’t judge me. They loved me and I felt mercy and grace.”

“Do you think that your God doesn’t have more mercy and grace than your friend? Do you think your friend has more grace than God,” Caviezel asked? “Does your friend have more love than the Creator? It can never be. It can never be. So – God forgives you and now He needs you to begin again, to accept forgiveness.”

“Earlier I said God never sends a man into Hell – people choose this place. It’s your choice,” he continued. “God made you and loves you. There’s never been another like you. He deemed that you would come here today. You’re perfect and without you, He would cry. Every time we sin, we deny Him. Be perfect. Love one another as I have loved you. I’d rather be an unknown here and have my name up there.” Caviezel closed his remarks with tears in his eyes.

Ever since his work on “The Passion,” Gaviezel, has been an outspoken advocate for the Christian faith and God’s mercy and love. His message is especially for those that are seeking forgiveness for their direct or indirect involvement in abortion.

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