Is the book of Revelation written in chronological order of how the events would happen?


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All right let’s get our next question up here. Colematlock is asking is the book of Revelation written in chronological order of how the events will happen? Yeah so basically Colematlock I would say no it’s not written chronologically. Like I said just like the book of Daniel like there’s daniel 2 which gives you an outline and then daniel 7 it goes into further detail and it just keeps building it it repeats and enlarges and it gives different details every single prophecy in daniel kind of repeats with a different detail um for basically like i would say a different audience or a different um type of thing like in daniel 8 it’s more of detail as far as you know how it relates to um uh to god’s people or it has more sanctuary language whereas chapter seven um is just kind of like the nature of these nations and how they’re going to behave and then like 11 is these big details same thing with revelation when you look at you know like i said chapters two and three it’s more the state of the church what’s going to happen in the church and then um with it when it comes to the seven seals it’s talking about historical events um it talks about the seven trumpets it’s talking about you know bad things basically judgments judgments exactly and you know the seven last plagues you know that’s all judgment for but that only happens at the end of time so you know it’s different types of things that are happening um and the bible’s repeating and enlarging so no it’s not chronological um it kind of goes back and repeats just so that you get an idea of like because you know history you know there’s always a lot of things going on in the world at the same time like right now in the united states you know we’re blessed you know things are pretty good you know thank god we have freedom and um you know we’re not in a state of you know terrible persecution in this country but if you go to other countries you know people are in danger of losing their lives for being a christian and you know it just depends where you’re at in the world and what’s kind of going on so um that’s just something to keep in mind you know just that and there’s different people there’s god’s people that are doing things right now and then there’s the devil and his you know people that are doing things in the world right now so it’s the bible’s always kind of showing you know different aspects of what’s going on at the same time you kind of see that late you know when you just even look at the story of the gospels the four gospels tell the same story of jesus but from different angles so that’s kind of if you want to put it think of it that way the book of revelation is showing different aspects of history that are both happening at the same time but kind of going back and repeating so no it’s not chronological from chapter one to chapter 22 but um there are um when it goes through those you know like the seven churches the seven seals the seven trumpets those are chronological but not um it’s not the churches then the seals that no those could be happening at the same time i like your comparison to the gospels where the same things being repeated reiterated or maybe from different perspectives four different times um i was going to say it the way i look at it is like the movie magnolia did you see that it’s from way back in the day but it followed maybe seven different story lines and it’s constantly cutting back and forth between different people different perspectives and you might have the same point in time but then cut through it at from seven different perspectives and and then maybe go to another point in time cut through that seven different perspectives so yeah revelation is always important to whenever you get into something that there’s seven of something identify okay what’s this group what is it focusing on what is the common theme of these seven things because that the number seven means completion or perfection or you know like the weak why is why is it why are there seven days in the week well the seventh day is the completion of the week and there’s nothing in nature to point to a seven day week it’s just established by god at creation and it’s stuck and it’s never really been changed i mean i know the french revolution tried to change it to a 10-day week and they went back but the world never accepted it and i i think that’s such a huge thing that points to hey the god of the bible is our creator because there’s things that that occur that are only based on what god said and you know the the systems that he implemented like marriage and things like that so yeah i totally agree with you on that

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