Is Pandora’s box similar to the creation story?


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The Myth of Pandora’s Box

There are many similarities between the Myth of Pandora’s box and the Biblical story of creation and the fall of man. In this myth, we learn how Zeus got back at humans by getting Hephaistos to make a beautiful woman out of clay, whom he named Pandora. Zeus sent Pandora down to earth and gave her as a present to Prometheus‘ brother, Epimetheus. Zeus told Epimetheus that he should marry Pandora.

Zeus sent Pandora with a little box and a big lock on it. But Zeus said to her not to ever open the box, and he gave the key to Epimetheus. Pandora was very curious about what was in the box and she begged Epimetheus to let her open it, but he refused. Finally, once while he was asleep, she stole the key and opened the box. Out of the box flew every kind of trouble that people had never known before: sicknesses, worries, crimes, hate, envy and all evil. But the very last thing to fly out of the box was hope to the people who were suffering. References: Hesiod, “Works and Days”

The Creation Story

The Bible tells the original story to the myth of Pandora’s box. God created Adam and Eve perfectly and he set them in the beautiful Garden of Eden. He commanded them to enjoy all the fruits of the trees in the garden but forbade them to eat from the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil or else they would die. This was a test to them. Sadly, Eve got curious about that forbidden tree and disobeyed God and ate of it, and gave to her husband. As a result, the human race was sentenced to pain, suffering, and death (Genesis 3).

But unlike the Pandora’s box myth, the Bible story tells us the reason behind the hope that Adam and Eve were given by the Creator after their fall. God Himself, moved with infinite compassion and promised the fallen race redemption through His Son (Genesis 3:15), who was to die on their behalf and save them from the punishment of their sin.

Thus, unlike Pandora’s box myth, where Zeus is a petty god who tries to trip up people on earth, God took upon Himself the act of redeeming mankind and providing a way of escape from the bondage of Satan and eternal death. “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life” (John 3:16).

Among the cultures of the world, we find different stories that are parallel to Bible’s stories. This is because after the flood, people dispersed around the world (Genesis 11:1–11) taking with them the original stories of the fall and the flood which with the passing of time influenced legends and myths.

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