Were the Prochorus and Parmenas of Acts Bishops?

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Is it true that Prochorus and Parmenas, mentioned in the book of Acts were Bishops?

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All right, so Shahid is asking, but nothing is known about Proporis and Nikkana and him and Carmine is stated on your website. But what about the tradition that says Procorres was Bishop of Nicomedia, appointed by, I think this is St. John and was also his scribe. What is the source for this tradition? Similarly, there is a tradition about farmers. He preached an Asian minor and was Bishop of Soli, a city in either Cecilia or Cyprusia. Or Cyprus. I am interested in knowing the source of these traditions and their authenticity. Would appreciate if you could help. Thanks, sorry for all the time.

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All right, well, a long question and another short answer I would say to that too. So thank you so much for this great question. And just to quote first of all, or just to look at what the people you’re talking about, as soon as I heard that, I was like, sounds like the New Testament people. Have we seen the Book of Acts, chapter six and verse five? And basically that’s where all these people as well as a few others are listed, like the great Steven, who was the great martyr in the early church. There’s just some really cool things about that. But as far as these brethren specifically that you’re asking about, they have some traditions that they did other things than we see outside of the Bible. So I want to just show you quickly. Acts, chapter six, five. Did I say that wrong? No, I think I just wrote it down wrong in the same place, the whole multitude, and they chose Steven, a man full of faith and of the Holy Ghost, and Philip and Parkouris and Niconor and Timon and Parliament and Nicholas, apostle type of Antioch. So if you look at those names that you mentioned in the Bible, that’s pretty much the only place that you see those specific people specifically for chorus.

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And I have read there are different traditions saying that he worked with John and he was like his scribe and helped him write some of the Bible and whatnot. There’s a lot of traditions that are out there. But the thing is that’s what makes them a tradition, because when you look at the definition in the dictionary of a religious tradition, it’s just basically word for word. The definition is a doctrine believed to have divine authority, though not being scripture. Jesus, I think some traditions, they’re okay to just be like, okay, maybe. But overall, as far as saying something as a fact Bible ask isn’t going to endorse saying they did all these things if it’s based on a tradition and not on the word of God, because we base everything on God’s word. And Jesus said something very important in the Book of Mark, chapter 713. And I’ll just read that really quick as basically my answer, but Jesus warned about holding tradition above scripture. And Jesus basically said in Mark 713, making the word of God of none effect through your tradition which you have delivered and many such like things you do. And obviously Jesus the context here is that Jesus is speaking to pharisees who are basically saying people had to do things or go above what God’s law had actually said or God’s Word had actually said.

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And so it’s a little bit different of a context. But as far as these traditions, I don’t know the origin. I did kind of try to find out some things. A tradition is just something that people kind of say and it gets passed along over and over again. It may or not be true. So yeah, I’m sorry, more of an answer to give you other than these traditions are just that they’re something people believe but they’re not based on scripture and so I don’t know the exact source. It’s just probably something people have said and I don’t know if it’s something that maybe somebody just kind of theorized. And I know that some of these traditions are also very debatable in modern theology as well. So you can take them with a grain of salt and pray about them, but hopefully one day we’ll get to know exactly who all these great men of God were when we get to heaven. So I hope that that’s an okay answer. I apologize. I don’t have more as far as historical evidence and that sort of thing because I don’t really find a whole lot there. It’s just what some churches I think some Orthodox churches and I’m and other churches just kind of believe.

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But there’s no biblical evidence and there wasn’t anything substantial I found in historical evidence either. So that’s it.

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