Were the Quran and the Bible part of the same book?

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Lewis is asking is it possible that the Quran and the Bible were once the same or part of the same book?

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The answer is no. I’m sorry.

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The two are so different. Yeah, there’s overlap. And I guess from the Quranic perspective, the Bible, it started off as the right book, the same book, and over time the Bible degenerated. And now the Quran has tried to bring back what God originally intended. So if you’re from that perspective, then that’s what you believe. But if we understand the Bible to be God’s word, that God has preserved it over time, which there’s archaeological evidence that keeps backing it up. We take manuscripts from the desi scrolls still showing like Bam is pretty spot on even what we have today. So we could have confidence in the Bible if you have faith in it to begin with. And then if you go back and contrast how does the religion work in the Bible versus religion work in the Quran, that gets back to what we’re talking about with paganism. And I’m not saying Quran necessarily hagan, because I respect how Islam did a lot to abolish idolatry that was present in the Middle East and bring people back to a monotheistic religion, which that was great. So there’s a lot of good things going for it. But the basic premise of do you need to appease God with your own works versus is God loving you and wants you to just come to Him and he’s reconciling you to Him just once you have faith.

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Those are hugely disparate concepts, vastly different light years apart. Just back to the point where there’s two totally different gods in the two books. And so to say that they share a common origin, I just don’t see it. I don’t see how it’s possible.

Speaker 2

Yeah, and just the timing of when they were written. The books of the Bible were written over 1500 years. That stems back to the time of Moses, which was at least 2000 years before the coming of Christ. So the Bible was written much earlier than the Quran, which was written in 680 somewhere in that time frame, a little after 600 Ad. And so there are very different books written at very different times from very different authors. While I respect my Muslim friends, I have many friends that are Muslim and they’re wonderful, great people. But no, I don’t think that the Bible and the Quran are in any way the same book. And there’s some very unique differences, even in stories that seem to kind of relax. There’s a lot of the same characters a lot of the time, like Abraham or things like that, but they do different things in the stories. And so that’s kind of something that’s unique. The Bible is pretty clear that it doesn’t speak according to this word. It’s not the same light, it’s something else. And so, again, while I respect my friends and brothers and sisters out there who are Muslim.

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I don’t think that the Bible and cran are from the same book. I think they’re very different. And so I think we have a job to do as far as loving our friends and those around us who are of the Islamic faith. And I think we need to all just study together and come to our own decision as far as what we accept as truth in our lives. And no matter what that is, if my friends choose Islam, I think the principle of the Bible is that we respect each other and love each other. So that’s what I would say. Amen.

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