Is it ok to read extra biblical books like The Book of Enoch?

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Okay, so Joy is asking I wish to ask one question. Is it valid for us to read the books which are not in the Bible? For example, Enoch, which recently is much in talks.

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All right, this is a perfect question, Paul, on to what we just discussed. And my answer is that the answer is it can be appropriate. So look at the revelation I just had reading the Revelation of of Zephania. Do I believe that book is trying to give me doctrine? No. But it gave me background and understanding and context to understand Luke 16. And I think that is the right way to use this extra biblical literature like the second temple literature, which actually the Book of Enoch is one of the second temple books. And it depends what Book of Enoch we talk about. But the older book, a lot of people like to point to that one seems to have its origins during the same time that the Book of the Revelation of Zephani would have been written and these would have been widely read, right? I mean, it’s not like there was Amazon and there were millions and millions of books that they could buy back then. This would have been more the books that people would have bought and read and learned during this time. So even the disciples would have been aware of these things.

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It’s a well known fact, right, that even like Book of Jude and some of these other parts of the Bible quote sometimes these other books like the Book of Enoch. But that doesn’t mean that everything in those books are good and improved. And at the same time, I don’t believe God is completely devoid from them. But it takes great discernment to tell, are you reading truth or error? And so for a lot of people, it’s probably going to be wasted time to just be reading these books. Because if you’re thinking you’re going to be reading these to find lots of great nuggets of revelation and things you need to know and that will change your life, the answer is going to be no. Those things are in the Bible. Start in the Bible, read the Bible, focus on the Bible. And as you’re struggling with the Bible, like, this verse doesn’t make sense to me. I’m missing something here. That’s when you do research, start digging deeper, and then you start realizing, oh, okay, there’s this context, and this context includes maybe these other books. And then you understand, okay, this is maybe what was giving them understanding.

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So the answer, Joy, your question is yes, but there’s a right way and wrong way to use these other extra difficult book.

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