Is it a sin to commit suicide?

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Alright. So Stephen is asking is it a sin to commit suicide? I base this question on your answer to the one on Peter and Judith. Did I read the answer correctly that Judith’s suicide was a sin? And yes, my brother Steve, even I appreciate your question because it’s in reference to one of our questions answered on Bible

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The question was why was Peter forgiven but not Judith forgiven? And it says very specifically at the end of the answer that’s written here on our website that the false repentance of Judas was like that of Esau. It consisted of remorse but didn’t include a change of heart. He had no basic transformation of character. In this case, it led to the horrible act of committing suicide.

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Thus he added his sin, a betrayal of the Lord and even greater sin of killing himself. So yes, the sin was it a sin for Judas to commit suicide? Absolutely. Because he had no reason to do so. The only reason he killed himself is because he couldn’t bring himself to repent.

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He couldn’t bring himself to face that act of humiliation of Lord, I sinned, I messed up. He couldn’t do it. And he’d rather die and die and pay for his own sins rather than put his trust in the Lord and let the Lord pay for his sins. And I think that’s really what it came down to. Is all suicide necessarily a sin?

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I would say no. I think you look at Samson who in a sense killed himself to save Israel from the Philistines. Jesus let himself die to save the world from sin. I think some people who maybe aren’t in their right mind may kill themselves and I don’t know that God judges those things, but I think God is merciful and so I think it depends on the situation. But in the case of Judith, I think that was definitely a sin because that was an act of self doing what he wanted to do rather than submitting himself to the will of God.

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And God never want him to kill himself. You would rather have caused him to repent and to share his story repentant? I think that would have been a powerful testimony. Bye.

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