Is Carbon Dating a reliable method for measuring the age of dead plants and animals?


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Carbon Dating and Measuring the age of Dead Plants and Animals

The theory of evolution stands on erroneous dating methods. One of these methods is carbon dating that is used to date dead plants and animals. All living plants and animals take their carbon dating from the atmosphere and space and they contain the same ratio of two types of carbon, 14C and 12C. When an organism dies, 14C begins to disintegrate while 12C levels remain constant. It is said if we measure the ration of t14C/12C in a dead plant, we can estimate how long ago the plant died.

But there are two factors that need to be determined first before we can reach an accurate calculation to date the organism. These are:

1-How fast does 14C decay? 14C has a half-life of 5,700 years. (A “half-life” is the amount of time required for half of the atoms — in this case, carbon atoms — in a given sample to decay.)

2-And how much 14C did the organism contain when it died? Scientists only assume that the atmosphere’s 14C/12C ratio has remained constant throughout earth’s history and they claim that accurate dating is possible up to about 80,000 years. The most advanced techniques cannot detect 14C in specimens older than 80,000 years. But since the 14C/12C ratio remains constant is only an assumption that can’t be proven, dates measured by this method cannot be trusted.

Even Willard Libby, the developer of carbon dating who drew his conclusions based on the assumption that the earth was millions of years old, calculated that it would take about 30,000 years for an atmosphere’s 14C/12C ratio to reach equilibrium, but when he discovered that earth’s ratio was not in equilibrium, he then ruled out this method as an accurate and reliable method!

Further, since Scientists didn’t observe what has happened in the past or how the environmental factors have changed, that leaves us with too many different variables that make it simply impossible to reach an answer. The theory of evolution is based on huge assumptions, therefore, using such dating methods to support evolution requires far more faith than believing in the creation account.

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