Is BibleAsk linked to Catholicism or Protestantism?

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So Tiago is asking hello, is Bible ask linked to Catholic or Protestantism?

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I think we just answered that one.

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Thank you. Well, Tiago, thank you so much for your question, and a lot of people ask Bible Ask, what church are you affiliated with or what denomination? And our answer is always the same. Bible ask is a ministry. We are not linked to any church or denomination in any way or any form. So we’re not linked to Catholicism or Protestantism. We are linked to the Bible and the Bible only. So I hope that answers your question. Bible Ask is all about the Bible and that’s it. All we care about is answering Bible questions based on the Bible and the Bible only. And we’re not in any way trying to coerce direct to any specific denomination or Protestantism or Catholicism for that matter. So, yeah, that’s it.

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The concept of sola Scriptura, that Bible and Bible alone is sort of at the heart and core of true Protestantism. But we don’t do it because it’s Protestantism. We do it because I’m, for us, our core tenant here is the Bible first, and that’s our authority.

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Amen. Exactly.

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