How does God call the cremated bodies from the ground?

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Gene is asking, when a body is cremated, how does God call the bodies from the ground?

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Again, I could tell here, Jean, that you might have lost somebody and struggling. So we’re are. If that is the case, pray God will give you comfort. And there’s also a lot of Christians who struggle. Should we have our remains cremated or loved ones remains cremated, or is that going to cause a problem for God? But first, let’s start with Hebrews eleven, verse three. And this is touching on what we’re talking about earlier. Hebrews eleven, verse three, maybe. When do you start reading that?

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Hebrews eleven, three. By faith, we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible.

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So is this saying that God needs a substance, he needs something ready, existing to make something else, to make something he needs to have, like he needs to build something Plato, he first has to go buy Plato. It has already exist. Or can you just say, oh, I want Playdoh, boom, it’s there. Yeah, I agree. God could just speak and boom, something will be there. So if God says, hey, be risen from the dead, boom, can someone then be risen in there? If we get a concern about can God recreate someone with the very same molecules, the very same atoms as made up their body when they lived? We’re putting the condition of God that God never put out on himself. In fact, our bodies are probably made out of the same atoms that earlier bodies were made of. So now we’re going to have to pick and choose which atoms will go to which person. That’s not the restraint God has. In fact, our body is constantly changing over all the cells all the time. I forget how many times. But you might change your cells, what, six or seven times in your lifetime?

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Every seven years?

Speaker 1

Maybe that’s what it is. Every seven years you replace all the cells in your body.

Speaker 2

That’s what I understand.

Speaker 1

So there’s nothing special about the mass that makes up our bodies. It’s just water, it’s dirty, it’s clay. Exactly what we’re told in Genesis one eight, Genesis 27, where it says, Then the Lord God formed man from the death of the ground, breathed into his nostrils, and as well, he became a leading being. And if we die, as it says in Ecclesiastes twelve seven, then the dust shall return to the Earth as it was. There’s nothing special there about cremation.

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