If the sun stood still in Joshua 10, does that mean there were tsunamis everywhere?


About the miracle that took place in Joshua 10, Humans have often limited ideas of the Creator.  They may think that He is powerless to interfere with the natural laws. They may see that any change in nature would have destructive effects upon the earth itself (causing Tsunamis for example) and possibly upon other heavenly bodies.

Whether the phenomenon of stopping the sun in Joshua 10 was produced by the diversion of light or in some other way unknown to humans, the fact remains that a miracle of some sort took place at Joshua’s time. And if we believe in an all-powerful God, who, as Creator and Sustainer, that controls the works of His creation, then, there is nothing impossible for Him (John 19:26).

This miracle was an illustration of the power of Israel’s God. It showed that the very gods whom the heathen worshiped were incapable of such wonders. The Canaanites worshiped the god Baal and the goddess Ashtoreth. Both the sun and the moon whom they worshiped were shown to be subject to the God of Israel – Jehovah.

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