If God is just, why does He delay the delivery of justice?

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At the appointed time God will reveal His justice (Psalm 25:8). But since Satan claimed that he had a better plan for the government of the universe and this earth and people believed him, God is giving him time to demonstrate his plans. The Lord will do justice, take vengeance, and destroy sin only after every soul in the universe is convinced that Satan’s government is unfair, hateful, ruthless and totally destructive.

God’s justice and love were clearly shown and displayed at the Cross (John 3:16). God’s justice poured the punishment of our sin on Jesus for our redemption. And, if God punished His innocent Son for us, we know, that He will certainly judge the evil doers at the appointed time “For if they do these things in a green tree, what shall be done in the dry?” (Luke 23:31; Romans 1:18).

The Bible says, “We are made a spectacle unto the world, and to angels, and to men” (1 Corinthians 4:9). The entire universe is watching as we play a part in the great controversy between Christ and Satan. When the controversy ends, every soul will fully understand the principles of both kingdoms and will have made the decision to follow either Christ or Satan. Those who have chosen to ally with sin and Satan will be destroyed with him, and God’s people will be taken to the eternal safety of their heavenly home.

At the day of Judgment, God will vindicate His people and take vengeance on the devil and judge all those that caused so much pain and suffering for His children “Therefore thus saith the LORD; Behold, I will plead thy cause, and take vengeance for thee” (Jeremiah 51:36).  Every blow that strikes the saints strikes the Lord (Isa. 63:9; Matt. 10:40; 25:34–46). For He says: “for he that toucheth you toucheth the apple of his eye” (Zechariah 2:8).

In His service,
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This page is also available in: हिन्दी (Hindi)

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