If one year for God is 1000 years, was man created in a thousand years?


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So Gloria is asking uh in genesis 1 26-28 god created mankind in his image he created male and female blessed and sent them out to be fruitful and multiply on earth if every one of god’s years is 1000 of hours and when god made Adam and eve this was at least one to two thousand years after the sixth day of creation when he made mankind in his image question so Jesus slash eve were the generations or Jesus and the other people had already multiplying on the earth right or am i wrong help okay don’t clarify for me this question first because I’m not fully following what it’s saying so i think that’s right oh sorry maybe i could wrap up the question sort of and then Tina can answer it so there are some verses that you know say to god as i said you know a thousand years is like a date of god and in the days like a thousand and then what they’re trying to do then is say how in creation it talks about days well therefore let’s apply the thousand-year principle to those days and god created the earth over thousands of years hina is that right yeah that’s kind of what i understood too um so Gloria i think um i think you you kind of have a little bit of your time frame a little bit mixed up so and i i understand because you know the bible not all the pieces are a perfect chronological order all the time so it’s it’s easy to get confused so i want you to know you’re not the only one but um so the first i think you’re thinking of that says you know that a thousand years or a a thousand years for us is like a day with god and that’s second peter chapter three verse eight it says you know so basically peter is saying you know beloved be not ignorant of this one thing that one day with the lord is as a thousand years in the thousand years is one day so basically what peter is saying though in the context of what he’s saying though is you know the coming of christ and that you know that jesus is going to come and because a lot of people he says in the last days are going to be scoffers they’re going to say oh where’s the promise of his coming jesus isn’t coming everything just continuing but jesus peter’s saying no no no because time for us is very different um as far as a perspective is time for god because god is eternal so for us like you know a thousand years is a long time but for god that’s like a day it’s it’s like not a very long period of time so that’s really what the verse means that’s what the verse is talking about um but when it comes to the six days of creation if you go back to genesis chapter one and you look at verses 26-28 where god says he made them male and female i want you to look at verse 6 or see verse 31 where basically it says that and so the evening in the morning were the sixth day so adam and eve were made on the sixth day and this the reason um the bible actually makes it very clear that this is a a day like our day like a 24 hour period it says and the evening in the morning so there’s no thousand years of the sun rising and setting you know it’s er and coming up so basically and it repeated that for every single day of creation yes exactly god repeated every single day and so it’s it the bible is very very clear that this is a 24-hour period it’s a literal six day period that god made everything so like day one he made light day two he made the fern day three he made the land and he separated the water and made vegetation day four he made um the sun moon and stars and day five he made you know the fish and the birds and day six he made all the animals and then last he made adam and then made eve and so on after that on this sixth day he was done the crowning act of his creation was creating adam and eve and then the seventh day he rested um and god reiterates that this is a six day week or six day thing with a seventh day week in this the fourth commandment in exodus chapter 20 verses 8 through 7 or 8-11 where it says for in six days god made heavens and the earth the sea and all that in them is and rested the seventh day god didn’t rest for a thousand years it was just a literal seven day week that for six days god created the seventh day he rested and that’s why that day is blessed because and then the same same time he’s not asking for us to rest a thousand years in that same so you have to apply the same meaning for that same day so god rested seven days wants us to rest a day it’s got to mean the same thing can’t be a thousand years one and then just one two four hours the other we don’t get to rest for a thousand years well maybe i would like to answer that one there is a thousand years exactly well and and a lot of people like say well maybe this kind of reflects like the week of redemption in a way that 6 000 years um you know we have basically the mess that we’re in here on earth and once that six thousand years is done um you know we have that one thousand years is like in the seventh day or whatever which is a thousand years of the millennium that you read about in revelation chapter 21. and so anyways but that’s another whole other topic but gloria i just want you to know it’s very easy to be confused but basically yeah no it’s at the beginning god created the heavens and the earth and then the first six days he made everything and that was you know all the all the world the sixth day he made adam and eve um and sometime after that we don’t know exactly when but at some point adam and eve sinned and then it was almost four thousand years later that jesus came into the world and that’s why when you look at his genealogy like in matthew chapter one you see from adam to to jesus there’s many many generations of people um so that’s the time frame that we’re looking at and then and then 2 000 years ago is when jesus came so and we’ve created in six on the sixth day of creation four thousand years later jesus comes lives and dies for our salvation and goes back to heaven and then it’s been about 2000 years since jesus did that and we’re waiting for his soon return so i hope that clarifies things for you gloria and i hope you know that um it’s okay to be confused but um we’re i’m just grateful that god created everything in six literal days not thousands and thousands of years um because god can literally speak and things exist and so that’s the mighty and powerful god that we serve uh when j you give any other thoughts on that yeah and i just added i mean i think that a lot of people get confused where it the bible talks about how cain killed abel and then proceeded to go marry a woman and and you know go start a city and then they think oh aha there should have been then tons of people that already existed when adam and eve left eden but no it forgets that there still could be a huge amount of time hundreds of years between genesis 3 and genesis 4 where we have the canon evil story and are we going to assume that you know they didn’t adam and eve had no kids for 100 years or even you know during that time that they only had cain and abel no they probably kept crank them out jesus said be fruitful and multiply these were the most healthiest humans that ever lived they were probably extremely fertile maybe even had twins and triplets at times who knows right anything was possible so they could have very quickly populated the earth um just between two of them and then kane man would have a sister mary’s his sister and then again they produce a huge family and have a city so it’s these things don’t defy imagination they are very realistic the bible can should many ways be taken literally when it’s trying to give us literal history as it is in genesis yeah absolutely and i think it’s it’s very important that we um we don’t forget that and i think gloria i think it’s important that you know that thousand years you know to god you know that can be kind of confusing but i think that’s such an important chapter that you’re reading in second peter chapter three because it talks about you know in the last days they’ll be scoffers saying you know where’s the promise of his coming for since our fathers have fallen asleep all things continue as they were and it says but these are willingly ignorant of how god created the earth and how the the world was in the waters and on the waters and there’s so many things that god has you know as far as scientifically in the bible that show his creative power that show that the creation story is credible and something we can believe in but you have to study it you have to to learn about those truths and i think that’s so important that as we look at the bible it is a literal history book we can look to it for history and i think some people have tried to mix you know uh secular scientific theories with the bible and i think that’s very dangerous we really need to to look at the bible and the bible only as a source of truth um and when you do that i think you see things in a new light and i think you see things in the right way yeah i think that’s very important if we try to take our modern understanding of the world and try to work backwards and make the bible fit that we’re going to have a lot of problems we need to start with okay what is the bible saying and how can we apply that into our modern understanding absolutely

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