I know that Omega 3 (found in fish) is essential for health. I’m a vegetarian. Should I be concerned?

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Getting enough Omega 3 isn’t just a concern for a vegetarian. The Standard American Diet (appropriately called SAD) is low in Omega 3. Without proper planning, a vegetarian diet may be lacking in Omega 3 fatty acids. It is easy to meet Omega 3 recommendations. Here is a list of the best vegan sources for Omega 3:

Flax Seeds: Once ounce of flax seeds packs in 6388mg of Omega 3 (6 times the RDA) and 1655mg of Omega 6 .

Chia Seeds: One ounce of Chia seeds packs in 4915mg of Omega 3 and just 1620mg of Omega 6.

Hemp Seeds: One ounce of the seeds will provide 1100mg Omega 3 and 2700mg Omega 6.

Mustard Oil: One tablespoon has 826mg Omaga 3 and 1318mg Omega 6.

Seaweed: Six table spoons has 58mg Omega 3 and 88mg Omega 6 .

Beans: One cup has 603mg Omega 3 and 43mg Omega 6.

Squash: One cup has 338mg of Omega 3 and 203mg of Omega 6.

Leafy green vegetables: A cup of cooked spinach has 352mg of Omega 3 with only negligible amounts of Omega 6.

Cauliflower: A cup of cauliflower has 208mg Omega 3 and just 62mg of Omega 6.

Blueberries: A cup of Blueberries has 174mg of Omega 3 and 259mg of Omega 6.

Wild rice: A cup of wild rice has 156mg Omega 3 and 195mg of Omega 6.

Omega 3 fatty acids play a role in every cell in the body. Omega 3 makes up cell membranes, keeps the nervous system functioning, keeps cholesterol levels in check, and staves off inflammation.

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