What do I do about the disturbing voices I hear?

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Alright, so Sapphire is asking and this is translated from French, so it may not be a perfect translation, but we’ll do our best. So I had three psychosis and I heard voices like, pray me, not as long as you don’t know it by heart, the Bible, and that I had killed my parents, etc. Lots of good things, just disturbing, but what worries me is that I saw my soul come out of me and went into a loudspeaker and heard a voice tell me you’re also worse than me. And then a motorcycle noise and an accident. I felt like it was my death that I had just been shown and since then I can’t repent. I had just refused my sister’s testimony some time before and it’s like I’m not too late now. I had exhausted all the chances that the Holy Spirit had given me. I am not convinced of being a fisherman, despite the fact that I know it by logic with what is written in the Bible, the same thing for my salvation. I believe in God with my head, but not convinced in my heart, but not convinced in my heart that I know what to do.

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Thank you in advance for your answer.

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Sapphire, thank you so much for reaching out to us. We appreciate you and you seeking the Bible and seeking God for an answer to kind of what’s going on in your life. And it sounds like you have definitely some difficult things going on, and so we just want to let you know that we’re praying for you first of all, and I guess my answer to you from God’s word would be first of all, Jesus is the great healer. We see this in the Book of Matthew, chapter four, verses 23 to 24, just how Jesus went around healing people and healing people from evil spirits, healing people from their diseases in every way, and Jesus is definitely going to be the source of your healing in your life. However, I want you to know that it’s okay to seek medical healing as well, because I believe that God uses a lot of different means in order to bring healing to people. And there’s nothing wrong with seeking by prayer medical help if you’re having psychosis that again, there’s nothing wrong with seeking a doctor who’s able to help you in finding the healing that you need.

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And Jesus can use doctors to be his helpers in healing you. So I want you to not be afraid in order to seek that help and get that help that you need. And I want you to know from the Bible that Jesus will always accept you. You look at the book of John, chapter six, verse 37, jesus says, anybody that comes to me, I will in no way cast out. Jesus will never turn you down, he’ll never push you away. No matter what any voice inside tells you, don’t listen to it. The God’s word tells you that Jesus always loves you. He always accepts you. He always takes you with open arms, and that he always forgives you. So don’t ever think that you’re lost, that you can’t be forgiven. It says in one John one nine, if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. So no matter what, don’t ever feel like you can’t be forgiven. You can always be forgiven. God always accepts you. He always wants to help you. He always wants to heal you. And he’s always there to forgive you.

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So, I’m sorry that you’re going through this mental disturbance at this time. I know it’s not easy. But again, I would really recommend that, you know, you prayerfully consider seeking a medical professional, like a doctor who can definitely help you as you find healing. And I believe Jesus will help the doctors that you work with to bring healing to your life. And again, no matter what, God loves you and he’s there to help you. Jacob wendy, any other thoughts on this one?

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No, that was really good. And definitely if you’re able to find a Christian therapist, a Christian practitioner, that often can work better. It’s nice when that happens. Absolutely.

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