Did humans evolve by chance?

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Did Humans Evolve by Chance?

Tests exist to measure how efficient chance is at producing design. So, what is the expected probability for chance to spell the phrase—“the theory of evolution” for example? This phrase by chance would involve the random selection and sequencing of letters and spaces in the correct order.

Each letter from the alphabet plus one space (totaling 27 possible selections) has one chance in 27 of being selected. There are 20 letters plus 3 spaces in the phrase—“the theory of evolution.” Therefore “chance” will, on the average, spell the given phrase correctly only once in (27)23 outcomes! This computes to only one success in a 8.3 hundred quadrillion, quadrillion attempts (8.3×1032).

Suppose chance uses a machine which removes records and replaces all the letters randomly at the fantastic speed of one billion per microsecond (one quadrillion per second)! On average the phrase would happen once in 25 billion years by this random method.

If, as evolutionists claim, the earth has been in existence for approximately 5 billion years, then chance could take five times this time to spell out this phrase, even at this phenomenal rate of experimentation.

The shocking thing is that this phrase is infinitely simpler than the smallest life form. And what is even more amazing that a small child could spell this phrase within a minute. So, you can see that the idea that humans evolved by chance, or that humans evolved from simpler life forms, is not feasible.

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