How long did it take you to mature in the faith?

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Let’s bring Robert. So Robert is asking, could people’s sanctification process vary from other people? Like, does everyone all mature at the same time? How long did it take you to.

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Mature in the faith? That’s a really deep, really good question, Robert. And I think one verse that comes to mind for me is James 114, and it says, but each one is tempted when he is on out and by his own desires is drawn away. Sorry. By his own desires and enticed. Maybe I’m reading a little bit more into this text than there is, but we all have our own desires, we all have our own vulnerabilities, our own ways of being tempted, and that is what each one of us is going to be struggling with. As part of the sanctification process, god is working with us to reshape our hearts so that we will have more control over those desires, we will rule over them. Kind of like what God told Cain, rule over sin, master sin, don’t be mastered by it. And because we each have our own struggles, we have our own experiences, our own backgrounds, our own family, historical sins that we deal with in our families, we’re all going to have a different walk. And like a person who’s rich and James talks about it in James. Yeah, I think it’s James.

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Yeah, James talks about it. And then also a bit, you know, when you’re really rich, your temptations are going to be not to be in love with your money and not let greed and pride get to you. But if you’re poor, your temptations might be being content with nothing and being content with that situation and not desiring to be rich and take money from people and all those things. You’re just going to have a totally different experience. So that’s why we all have something different. And sanctification is a lifelong process. It’s not that any of us are way better than somebody else. As one person put it, imagine the distance between here and the moon and we’re all jumping, trying to be proud that, oh, one of us can jump 6ft and someone else can jump 8ft. But compared to the distance of the moon, it’s still nothing. We all sin and fall short of the glory of God. Now, I do want to stress one thing that’s really interesting about sanctification, is the word to sanctify. At the root of it, it really means to separate and also gets to what does holy mean?

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It means separated. So when God blessed the 7th day and sanctified it, he set it apart. And it’s not like something necessarily you can see right away or immediately discern. The Sabbath day was set apart and then God sanctified, like Aaron and the priest, they were set apart. And so even sanctification, there’s an immediate part where God sets us apart. We’re now his child. We’re his own. But then there also is the ongoing part of trying to purge the sinfulness that’s within us. So thank you very much for that question. And, yeah, mature in the faith. I mean, we’re always growing, but for me, there was a time where I was just consuming so much content, like when I really sort of had my spiritual awakening. I was listening to nonstop Bible, nonstop sermons, and I think it was about two or three years that really I got to a point where I’m like, okay, I see a bit better. I’m a bit more mature in my walk, but it’s still ongoing. I’m not saying there was a difference there, but when I hit 30, around 30 was a major turning point, and a lot of people talk about that.

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And interestingly, when was Jesus baptized and he started his ministry? It was at the age of 30. And in the Old Testament, when does a high priest become a high priest? It’s at the age of 30. So it’s an interesting year for a lot of people. Tina, did you have anything you wanted to add? Or looking at John’s questions that are coming in?

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Yeah, I’m looking at John’s questions, but I think that was really good. And I like the thought of know, it’s a process, like you’re saying, it’s a lifelong process, and we are all on different paths, but as long as we are striving and moving forward every day, I encourage you in your walk with Christ in that way.

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