How can I have peace through my troubles?

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Having Peace

True religion is often shown in the Bible as an experience of peace (Isaiah 32:17; Acts 10:36; Romans 8:6). For God is known in the Scriptures as the “God of peace” (Romans 15:33; 1 Thessalonians 5:23; Hebrews 13:20).

There is no greater joy possible than that of being at harmony with God. And the apostle Paul tells us how we can obtain such a state: “Therefore, having been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ” (Romans 5:1).

God’s righteousness that is received by faith brings tranquility to the sinner who was once guilty and troubled. For God not only forgives, He also heals, restores, and invites the believer to a fellowship with Himself. When God justifies the converted sinner, He creates a clean heart and renews a right spirit within him (Psalm 51:10).

This stability that comes to the converted is the heritage that Christ left for the believers. For He said, “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you” (John 14:27). Note that Christ spoke these words just a few hours before His most painful experience in Gethsemane and Golgotha. Although He knew what awaited Him, He did not run away from it. And His heart was filled with calmness and love (Matthew 26:30).

Christ had this unspeakable serenity because He knew in whom He trusted, and rested in the knowledge that the Father loved Him (Job 19:25). Although on the cross, He could not see through the gates of the tomb, He hoped that He will come forth from the grave a victor. By faith He was a conqueror. He knew whom He believed, and was certain that all would come out triumphant (2 Timothy 1:12).

In like manner, it is this peace that God wants to grant His children. This peace means unity with Him; it means happiness and contentment; it means simple trust in the tender love of the Father; it means liberty from worry, stress and anxiety (Matthew 6:34; 10:31). The Christian who has this quite state if mind is strong and not dependent on the turmoils of life. He is in harmony with the divine (John 14:1).

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