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As we celebrate Father’s Day, we think about our fathers and the father-like mentors in our lives who provide for us, guide us, teach us, pray and play with us—truly love us.  We think of our founding fathers, our forefathers, our country fathers and brothers who gave and give life and limb for our protection. We appreciate these loving, nurturing, restoring men who help shape our characters, our visions, our passions, our will, our view of the world.

But for hundreds of millions of children in the world right now, there is no such man.  Millions of children have never seen their father; countless more have not experienced the safety and security of a loving, protective father.

Today the men most honored and honorable are those who are father to the fatherless—men who, in the name of Love, share without measure so children may live in a safe, nurturing environment and receive basic care.

Restore a Child is privileged to know and support fathers such as these, Ian Castleman in Kenya and Des Paul in Zimbabwe, selfless men among many, giving beyond all they are and have for any child in need.  These fathers give unceasing Love.

As a man, will you answer the call to stand in the gap for the fatherless?

Be the one.  Put the “Happy” into Father’s Day for a poor, sick, orphan child waiting to see the truth that Love is triumphant.

–Restore a Child Team


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