How the decay of earth’s magnetic field proves creationism?


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The Decay of Earth’s Magnetic Field and Creationism

The decay of earth’s magnetic field is a powerful proof for creationism. Earth’s magnetic field is a complex phenomenon that plays a crucial role in protecting the planet from harmful solar radiation and cosmic particles. It is generated by the movement of molten iron and nickel in the Earth’s outer core, a process known as the geodynamo. This magnetic field extends far into space and forms a protective shield around the planet, commonly referred to as the magnetosphere.

One of the key pieces of evidence cited by creationists regarding Earth’s magnetic field is the observed lessening in its strength over time. This disintegration is supported by geological data, which indicates that the magnetic field has weakened significantly over the past few thousand years. Creationists assert that if Earth were billions of years old, as evolutionists claim, then the magnetic field would have lessened to such an extent that life on Earth would be unsustainable.

Creationists often point to a phenomenon known as the “decay curve” to support their argument. The decay curve describes the rate at which Earth’s magnetic field strength is diminishing over time. Creationists teach that this disintegration curve aligns more closely with a young Earth model, on the order of thousands of years, rather than the billions of years proposed by evolutionists.

The mechanism driving the decay of Earth’s magnetic field is a subject of ongoing scientific research. While the exact mechanisms are not fully understood, current scientific models attribute the disintegration primarily to changes in the Earth’s core, particularly the cooling and solidification of the outer core over geological timescales. As the outer core cools, the convection currents responsible for generating the magnetic field weaken, leading to a decrease in field strength. This process is consistent with the observed disintegration of Earth’s magnetic field over thousands of years.

Studies that Support a Young Earth

In 1971, Dr. Thomas Barnes came up with this idea and it was later re-examined by Dr. Russell Humphreys in 1983. Here is what they found:

Earth is engulfed by a great magnetic field, produced by known electric currents in its metallic core. Solar and stellar radiation daily attack the earth and cause great damage to life, giving rise to harmful mutations and possibly causing the death of living creatures. If these rays were not obstructed and cleaned by earth’s magnetic field, life would not take place. 

The power of the magnetic field has been correctly and systematically calculated since 1835. From these calculations, we can see that the field’s power has decreased by about seven percent since then, giving a half-life of about 1,400 years. This means that in 1,400 years it will be one-half as powerful and so on. There will be a future time not many thousands of years from now when the field will be too insignificant to act as a good protection for planet earth. 

Measuring back into the past, the present calculations show that 1,400 years ago the field was twice as powerful. It continues doubling each 1,400 years back, until around 10,000 years ago it would have been so powerful that the earth would have been destroyed. The metallic core would have disconnected from its mantle. This clearly means that our planet must be fewer than 10,000 years old, which means that the utmost age for this planet is way too brief for evolution to take place.

In conclusion, the decay of Earth’s magnetic field is a fascinating phenomenon with implications for our understanding of the Earth’s interior dynamics, it does provide evidence for creationism and does support a young Earth hypothesis.

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