God’s Dilemma

Once upon a time there was a peaceful kingdom. The king was known for his great mercy and justice. All the subjects were happy except for one evil prince who, because of the king’s laws, could not get away with his evil schemes. So, the evil prince came up with a plot to deceive one of the king’s sons into breaking law to force the king to bend his laws. With much effort, the evil prince’s plot was carried out, and one of the king’s sons, while drunk, quarreled and killed another man. When the guilty son sobered up, he wept with deep remorse over his crime.

The king’s heart was torn with pity over his repentant son, knowing that he was a victim for an evil plot, but the blood of the innocent man cried for justice.

All the citizens waited to see what the king will do. Will he cancel the penalty of the law to save his son?

On the day of judgement, the crowds drew near to execution spot. The king approached the scene with a plan. In order to fulfill the penalty of the law, he offered his own life as a substitute for his son. The king’s love for his Son was endless.

The king’s love and justice were both satisfied.

When the subjects saw the king’s sacrifice, they were amazed. The king’s sacrifice led the people to uphold the law even more than before because the price for justice was too high.

In this parable, the king resembles God; the evil prince is Satan; and the king’s son represents humanity. When humanity broke the Law of God and sinned,  Christ died on their behalf. At the Cross, the love of God and His mercy were fulfilled.

So, does the mercy of God gives us the license to break the law? No. On the contrary!

After Christ’s death, Christians are even more obligated to keep the law by the power of God.

“Do we then make void the law through faith? God forbid: yea, we establish the law” Romans 3:31.

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