Ellen White refers to a continuous weekly cycle, how does that work with Lunar Sabbath believers?


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Ellen White refers to a continuous weekly cycle in the first volume of Spirit of Prophecy, p. 85, we read the following quote:

“I was then carried back to the creation, and was shown that the first week, in which God performed the work of creation in six days and rested on the seventh day, was just like every other week. The great God, in his days of creation and day of rest, measured off the first cycle as a sample for successive weeks till the close of time. “These are the generations of the heavens and of the earth when they were created.” God gives us the productions of his work at the close of each literal day.

Each day was accounted of him a generation, because every day he generated or produced some new portion of his work. On the seventh day of the first week God rested from his work, and then blessed the day of his rest, and set it apart for the use of man. The weekly cycle of seven literal days, six for labor and the seventh for rest, which has been preserved and brought down through Bible history, originated in the great facts of the first seven days.” {1SP 85.1}

That quote alone from Ellen White’s book should close the matter for Lunar Sabbath believers, but unfortunately it doesn’t. They continue to claim that their calendar is a 7-day week, however, ignoring the fact that 25% of the time it is not. For Lunar Sabbath believers, the last Sabbath of a month and the following Sabbath of the second month, there is a period of 8-9 days. This contradicts Ellen White’s repeated statement of a Seven-day literal week.

In the book Patriarch’s and Prophets, Ellen White says in the chapter called “The Literal Week”:

“Like the Sabbath, the week originated at creation, and it has been preserved and brought down to us through Bible history. God Himself measured off the first week as a sample for successive weeks to the close of time. Like every other, it consisted of seven literal days. Six days were employed in the work of creation; upon the seventh, God rested, and He then blessed this day and set it apart as a day of rest for man.”

Ellen White taught a literal seven-day week, with the Sabbath on “the” seventh day of the week, which was held from even unto even. To say she believed anything else, or was shown anything else is untruthful. To say that the Creator showed her this light, then a few years later changed this light would be denying His nature. The Lord our God does not change (Malachi 3:6), nor does the light He shares change.

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