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b18003e6-66bd-34f2-833b-0a5d7b9df4a5Eduardo Verastegui the singer/model/actor, who once was caught up in the self-indulgence, glamour, and money, says he has no fear of public rejection for denouncing “the holocaust of abortion”.

“I had it all, man, the women, the money, the adulation. But you know what I found out? It means nothing. I was empty inside, with no purpose.”

When asked what caused such great changes in his life as a man and as an artist, Verastegui replied, “I was living in constant contradiction. What changed it was faith—the faith. It was a gift through the prayers of my mother.”

When he realized that he had become a “poison in our society” through the characters he portrayed in film and on television, he made a promise to God to “never use any of my talents to offend my faith, my family or my Latino culture.”

Verastegui attacked President Obama’s abortion policies “Barack Obama does not share our traditional Latino values of defending innocent life and the sanctity of marriage. If a president is not willing to defend the most innocent of his own country, the babies in their mothers’ wombs, then my question is this, who is he willing to defend?”

About one million babies are getting aborted in the USA alone and an estimated 44 million abortions are performed globally each year.

The actor said, “Let women do with their bodies what they wish, but the baby? What happens to the baby who has no voice and can’t defend himself?”

Protect the babies.

Verastegui instituted an anti-abortion center with the goal  “to save the most important thing that God loves the most”.

Well done Eduardo Verastegui.


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