Doesn’t the inherent subjectivity of morality prove that God does not exist?

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Some people claim that morality is subjective or relative. But when they seek morality in society or judge a human behavior, they in reality become moral realists. For example, most atheists are just as convinced as Christians that Adolf Hitler was an evil person. If morality is relative then how could we have judged Hitler? Although many people have different practices of morality, they still share a common morality. For example, murder (not killing) and stealing are always wrong. This is fact that all governments and societies believe in.

The relativists claim that morality is intolerant while relativism tolerates all views. But can anyone tolerate evil? Can society tolerate the actions of a murderer? Both the relativists and the absolutists will answer no. Also, do relativists really tolerate absolutists’ views? For example: do homosexuals tolerance the absolutists that promote family values?

The real reason why some reject morality is because of their broken relationship with the Creator. Sin separated people from God. God created humans with a vacuum that only His presence can fill. We were not created as animals with an inherent instinct that controls our behavior. Rather, we were created to function within a loving relationship with our Creator.

The Bible shows that what is right and wrong is objectively based on the revelation of truth. Jesus is the truth “I am the truth…” (John 14:6). This is the greatest revelation of morality we can have. Jesus came to show us what the Creator’s will is for man. And that is to be moral (loving and just).

As men walk daily with God by faith, God transforms miraculously their immoral hearts into moral hearts that reflect the image and likeness of the Creator. This divine supernatural transformation is one of the great evidences for the existence of God.

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