Does intimacy and love mean the same thing?

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So, Jay, regarding the answer from number two, would intimacy and love mean the same thing? Since love is about getting to know someone?

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No, they’re not the same. Because love is kind of this state of being. I mean, yeah, love is a noun, love is a verb. But I think ultimately love is a state of being where we are focused on the interests of others. And as we just mentioned, there is this concept of unconditional love. And we’re all called to love everybody, including our enemies, and we probably do not have any intimacy with our enemies, right? Whereas intimacy is hopefully what will come about with those that we spend time with, we get to know. And with that will come probably a greater level of love or at least a more rewarding feeling type of love and more reciprocity. But there’s still separate concepts and ideas there’s.

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