When we dream of many frogs in our home, does that mean we have bad spirits in our house?

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So Veronica asks, when we dream of many frogs in our home, does that mean we have bad spirits in our house?

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Great question, Veronica. So just of viewers know probably where you’re thinking frogs equal spirits. If you see Revelation 16, three, it says, and I saw three and clean spirits like frogs coming out of the mouth of the Dragon. And then if you look in Exodus, frogs were used to curse Egypt is one of the plagues. So frogs generally aren’t a good thing in the Bible. So we have some options as to what these dreams could mean. If you look at numbers twelve, six to seven, God says, Hear, now my words, if there is a Prophet among you, I the Lord, make myself known to him in a vision. I speak to him in a dream. So sometimes God does speak to us by dreams. So it could be from God if we look in Deuteronomy 13. One, two, three. God also says, if their writers among you a Prophet or a dreamer of dreams, and he gives you a sign of wonder, and the sign of wonder comes to pass in which he spoke to you, saying, Let me go after other gods, which you have not known, and let us serve them. You shall not listen to the words of that Prophet or that dreamer of dreams for the Lord.

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Your God is testing you to know whether you love the Lord, your God, with all your heart and with all your soul. So God is here saying that there might be other people who do get dreams and visions, and they might not necessarily be from God. Or maybe they’re even from God. And even if they still lead people astray don’t listen to those people. But I think even non believers can get dreams that are not even or even believers can get dreams sourced from places other than God. And we need to test, as John says in his epistle, we should always test the spirits. And then maybe this one is the answer. But right, who knows? Right. Let God answer it for you. But Ecclesiastes five, three, it says, for a dream comes through much activity. A dream comes through much activity. What does that mean? This is not a good translation in the New Games, or maybe it’s word for word. But the NIV gives us better understanding of what it means. It says, a dream comes when there are many cares. Or if there’s the NLT, it says too much activity gives you restless dreams.

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So from those two, I think you get a feel right. If you’re very busy, you have so many things going on, you’re very restless, you’re very stressed. You have a lot of anxiety. These things can produce dreams. And I say we probably even have a lot of signs that really backs that up. And I know if I go to bed in a peaceful state. After reading the Bible prayer and all that, I’m going to have much better dreams, more peaceful night than if I go straight from work and the stress and hit the pillow.

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And dreams often reflect. You can look this up and research it. But dreams often reflect our emotions, and we make their symbolic representations of our emotions and dreams. So if we have an emotion associated with something in particular that may show up in our, that thing may show up in our dream when we are feeling those emotions.

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Yeah, the back part of our brain, the part that we have less control over communicates more with our frontal lobe through images and things of that nature.

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