How can you tell if you are suffering from generational curse? How can you stop it?


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Yeah, so Gloria’s asking if the Bible talks about generational curses. How can you tell if you are suffering from a general generational curse and how can you stop? It’s i think for us it’s really meaningful because working on a documentary and filming over 100 interviews or actually 150 interviews on mental health we really saw this generational sin pattern and it it really is a thing and uh you know the it really i think is is a compass in this verse of exodus 20 5-6 where um it’s one of the ten commandments the second commandment and god is talking about how he visits the iniquity of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourth generation of those who hate him but shows mercy to thousands to those who love him and keep his commandments so um it’s really interesting so when people are in this very sinful negative pattern i see that versus god saying you know i might let this perpetuate for three or four generations and then he’s going to make an intervention and try to help break this cycle or else maybe forever and definitely we will be uh having a program having a problem struggling with these generational sins um and then i love that part about god just blasting for thousands of generations i really feel like i’m in one of those families but what’s important to keep in mind is none of us are exactly stuck with what our parents did before we don’t have to feel like we have to carry their baggage and if you read ezekiel 18 um pretty much a whole chapter we could start it verse one it says the word of the lord came to me again saying what do you mean when you use this proverb concerning the land of israel saying the fathers have eaten sound grapes and the children’s teeth are set on edge so this is a parable and they used to say this back then you know the fathers ate the sour grapes but the children are suffering the consequences of it and god says in verse 3 as i live says the lord god you shall no longer use this proverb in israel behold all souls are mine the soul of the father as well as as well as the soul of the son is mine the soul who sins shall die but if a man is just and does what is lawful and right if he has not eaten on the mountains nor lifted up his eyes to the idols of the house of israel nor defiled his neighbor’s wife nor approached a woman during her impurity if he has not oppressed anyone but has restored to the debt or his pledge has robbed no one by violence but has given his bread to the hungry and covered the naked with clothing sorry it keeps going on on and on you getting the point basically if this person has done these things and walked in god’s laws and kept his judgment faithfully god says in verse 9 he is just he shall surely live says lord and it goes on and on but god gives these different scenarios where uh maybe a man is unjust he has a son but that son does right he’s not held to the account of the sins of the father and if the son sins he’s now held account god keeps us independent and separate in terms of how he judges us but i’m sure god is very mindful of the struggles that we are dealing with he totally understands that and i think that’s a part of that verse when god says don’t judge lest you be judged we have no idea what other people are dealing with and you are carrying unique burdens that have been passed on to you that’s the real thing god gets that but there is hope we’re not stuck in this you know even if you’re in the second generation the third generation of this being handed down we can get out of it i find a lot of hope in john 8 starting at verse 31 and jesus is having a bit of a confrontation here with the pharisees and so we’re we’re told in verse 31 then jesus said to those jews who believed him if you abide in my word you are my disciples indeed and you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free and so so jesus here is saying right here right now his word his truth what’s in the bible can set us free from the bondage of our past from the bondage of our family we can be made free with what’s even in the bible and it’s interesting the jews said well we’re abraham’s descendants and we have never been in bondage to anyone how can you jesus say you you will be made free and jesus answered them he says most assuredly say to you whoever commits sin is a slave of sin and a slave does not abide in the house forever but a son abides forever therefore if the son makes you free you shall be free indeed and who’s the son who has the power who has authority jesus is saying i have the authority we’re all under sin how can any of us really release any of each other but god jesus can’t set us free that’s what he wants to do and go back read that whole chapter it’s really interesting how jesus keeps going on and on and on about trying to show how he sets people free how he’s of a different family even and these jews they thought to the descendants of abraham they think they’re all so proud about their heritage but really their father in a sense they’re of that lineage of satan jesus wants us to be a part of a different lineage wants us to be part of a different family one that is not of the one we’re born into but we can die and be born again into a new family we could be born as a new person we have a new chance that all of our struggles of our past can die that old person of us can die our family history our past selves our parents cells that we bring with us can die and we can start anew as a child of god and hence the verse you know behold what manner of love the father has given unto us that we shall be called the sons and fathers so the sons and daughters of god amen and can if i can just jump in jay um i i really like what you said there and it just reminded me of a verse that um i’ve held to and i know i’ve had friends who’ve overcome things like addictions and um you know things that were passed down to them you know like alcoholism and drug abuse and things like that and a verse that they found so much hope in is second corinthians 5 17 which says um therefore if any man be in christ he’s a new creature old things have passed away behold all things have become new so it’s not just some stuff you know when you come come to jesus like oh god cleans us some things but you know there’s nothing that can’t be made new because god can make all things new according to his word and god can’t lie so i i totally agree with what you’re saying and i think that’s so important for us to realize as we you know think about having a generational curse um on our family and uh i remember i just want to say one last thing i’m sorry open up oh these are great points yeah oh praise god um i remember reading a book um back when i was a teenager and this woman from church was like you know you really need to read this um as you’re coming you know into a time where um you know you you start dating and that sort of thing and the book was called to kiss the girls and made them cry and it was about a woman who overcame generational curses um with sexual sin and she basically um spoke about how she you know she claimed god’s word in overcoming it and because of that she didn’t give in to those sins that were in her family’s past and she said you know it was like three or four generations of this going on in her family and she was like i want to give my life to christ i don’t want this to be a problem in my heart and in my life and it was something she was seeing you know a potential struggle with but god gave her victory um and so you know it doesn’t matter whatever sin it is you know that you have that you know could be you feel is passed down to you every type of sin you know jesus understands and he’s able to give you the victory and the bible sends us you know it is that gives us the victory through to the lord jesus christ and i’m just so grateful for that because i know in my family there’s definitely been things that i’m like lord i don’t want this to be a problem for me and i you know i i surrender those things to god and by his mercy and grace you know i don’t struggle with any of those things at this time and um you know every day i just give you i die daily i give everything to the lord and you know every day i know i’m new and clean and thank god he gives me victory every day and every step of the way so yeah i was just having that hymn come to mind that you know faith is the victory or is our victory you know and that really sends it up and it is just trusting god that he can bring us out of it he’s the god of creation and he’s also the god of recreation and i think i think also there’s a um you know it’s important to as far as understanding if we are struggling from it like we have to know god’s truth because generational sin is it’s like sin separates us from god generational sin affects us where it’s like what we think is normal is not necessarily what’s right in god’s eyes and the only way that we learn what is right is to study his word and to examine the truth to get to know that truth and then you know throughout scripture god gives us the keys to the victories over those different types of sin that may be affecting us and so we we have to become aware of it and we can only become aware of it by knowing the truth in you know that god has has established in the bible and a big part of that is knowing what love really is i would say that is that that’s that’s the pinnacle of all of it that’s the foundation and the pinnacle of all of it we have to know what love is and we have to know really well what that looks like and anything that differs from that we have to wreck it we have to we have to be able to say like wait a minute that differs from god’s god’s uh perspective god’s design for love and so now if we are operating in a way or tempted to operate in a way that goes against god’s framework of love we we can begin to recognize that and then once we recognize it then we can see what is it that we the that’s that’s the the key to address that do we have to you know we probably have to go through the process of of forgiveness we probably have to go through the process of accepting god’s forgiveness into our own heart and life at a very deep level and then through the process of rebuilding the relationship or doing you know with god in what is right in the way that is right and not building or understanding of love based on what our parents did but start looking at the example of christ exactly exactly and and then from there we you know we can i also forgot to mention repentance that’s a big part of it we have to repent of you know we have to recognize the issue and repent of that and then accept god’s forgiveness then um but yeah it comes back to understanding it and though and and then we have to practice that and keep practicing that because you can we can do it right but we’re gonna we’re gonna make a mistake again and that’s why jesus did what he did for us that’s why he he gave his life for us because we would make mistakes but we have to keep coming back and practicing and practicing what is the right thing what is the right way to operate and until it becomes a habit and a part of us and so that is really the um i think the the key to overcoming the general generational sin and and it starts with first acknowledging it recognizing it um actually it starts with recognizing what is love then recognizing what’s differing from that love and then working through the process to overcome that and you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free yes amen if i could play devil’s advocate just for a second because you know i love to do that you don’t agree with me no no no i i totally agree with what you’re saying i absolutely agree um but i guess when it comes to you know somebody who’s coming to you know maybe the person who’s bringing this up they might come to you know bring up the verse like in um uh you know where it says that god visits the you know the iniquity of the peop of the children to the third and fourth generation you know like in the the third commandment where you should not take the lord’s name in vain it’s it or or not for the second commandment to not bow down and serve idols in exodus chapter 20 verse 5 it says thou shall not bow down thyself to them nor serve them for i the lord thy god am a jealous god visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me so now some people might go well there’s the this and there’s a lot of verses that say you know that that god visits the iniquity into the third and fourth generation but i think the bible also gives you the context in which those sins keep going down which is the last phrase which i think perfectly contrasts kind of what you’re saying which is of them that hate me so if you hate god then yeah those sins are gonna follow you because you’re not coming to god who is love and getting those things fixed and worked out but i think that um you know just kind of uprooting that you know the reason why things keep perpetuating is a lack of god which is a lack of love and you know being a person who hates god and hates his law and hates you know anything related to him so i think you know just kind of keeping that in mind you know which is just you know you do unders you need to understand the bible and understand in its context what it exactly it’s saying because you know the bible does say that the iniquity is visited to the third and fourth generation but it’s of those who hate god who are not coming to god who are not repenting who are not seeing god as a god of love and having god heal them so anyways i don’t know if you guys have any other thoughts on that that’s a huge point yeah i think that’s really like that’s a really neat piece to to pick out and you know i think that um that’s a i think that is a like that is a core part that’s that’s that that’s a that’s another piece of the truth and i think it i don’t think it’s contradictory i think it’s it aligns with it that if we if we don’t understand god’s love yeah and and how perfect it is it’s really easy to hate things that that are part of that love i mean look at all the people that hated jesus and he was the purest epitome of love but they didn’t really know him and so it comes to knowing god and knowing his love in our life at an intimate level and you know then it’s very hard to hate him at that point because you really you really feel it but which to me is interesting it just keeps coming back to john 8 where god’s talking about how you know abraham knew god abraham loved god you know abraham really was in god’s family whereas the jews themselves weren’t really in the same position as abraham was and more imposition of satan more challenging rebelling rejecting god and that’s why they were not in the truth that’s why they were in bondage of slavery yeah yeah that’s really true and i think that’s just so sad to think you know how many people stay in that rut you know for generations and throughout their lives like they don’t choose a better way and like it just reminds me you know john 10 10 that says you know for the thief you know basically the devil comes to steal kill and destroy but jesus says but i have come that they might have life and they might have it more abundantly and so there’s a better way in jesus christ but you have to just be open to it you have to accept it and you have to you know um allow god to do that work in you that you know maybe it’s not it’s always not comfortable you know to repent to confess to you know go through those process and go through those feelings but you know when you do that’s where real healing comes and you know it’s a beautiful thing to know that you’re not stuck with the sins of your past or the sins of your parents past but you have a new future in jesus and you know he gives you a new life and i don’t think there’s any better gift than that so no it’s so profound it’s beautiful


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