Do you want to experience joy to day or end up like Samasko

A California substitute teacher will inherit over $7 million in gold coins found in her recluse cousin’s home after his death.

Samasko, 69, died in May due to heart problems. When authorities went to clean out his Carson City home, they found boxes of gold coins in his home and garage.

He was a hoarder. He had boxes and boxes and boxes of things. There was so much gold that the city clerk used a wheelbarrow to carry the fortune to his truck. The coins were first moved to a bank vault and later moved to armored vehicles.

Samasko had no will and no immediate relatives. He was cremated and the remains were flown to Chicago to join his mother.

Samasko died alone and he did not experience the joy and thrill of sharing his wealth and making a difference in the lives of those who were less fortunate. He did not hear the words of gratitude and thanks. He did not see the happiness  in the eyes of those who are less fortunate. He missed out on a lot.

 “All you have shall someday be given; Therefore give now, that the season of giving maybe yours and not your inheritors”

Khalil Gibran

There is a special kind of joy for each one of us to reach out to someone less privileged by, not just giving money (which is the easiest act of charity), but by bequeathing the simple pleasures of life.

An act of generosity is a blessing for the giver, more than for the recipient. Give a smile and see a stranger’s face light up. Lend a helping hand to those that need help. Give words of kindness, comfort, forgiveness to kindle hope. Give, and experience the thrill of receiving manifold what you give away. And celebrate what you have, by sharing it with others.

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