Did King Abgaar V of Edessa write a letter to Jesus?

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Alright, this question is from John and he asks Yusebius records that King Abgar v for the Desa wrote a letter to Jesus. Is there anything to verify or substantiate this as to whether this really happened?

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And if you don’t mind, I’ll speak to that really quick. As far as the answer goes from Bible ask, so biblically speaking, no, there’s no record of that anywhere in the Bible. I’ve read the New Testament many, many times and there’s absolutely no record of that anywhere to be found in the Bible. There’s a lot of things that are like hearsay that have come up about Jesus and things that may have happened during his life. Like there was a few years ago, there was the book of Judas, like oh, Judas wrote a gospel or something and it’s just not substantiated with anything historically concrete. And so this again is just another rumor. And what I would speak to most with questions like this, we’re more than happy to answer them. Biblically speaking. No, there’s no record of this in the Bible. And it’s okay to ask questions like this, but if it’s something that’s just kind of rumors that kind of come up like that are just like, oh, the Bible, this really happened, but it’s not in the Bible, I would just say, don’t worry about things like that. They tend to be distractions and just focus on God’s word, because that’s where we’re going to find the real answers.

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Though I have to say I’m really curious about this question because I wasn’t even aware that this was a thing. And Yusebus isn’t just some random person. He is one of the earliest documentarians historians for the early Christian church. I think maybe around 100, within 100 years of the early church, maybe 200. So this isn’t just a random thing. So I’m personally very curious to go look it up and just see what it says. But yeah, as Team said, there’s no way we could really verify it because it’s not in the Bible.

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