Crush The Enemy By Faith – Part 4

What is Faith?

It is tangible, credible, substantial evidence witnessed (seen) by the eyes of the human soul and thusly lent the entirety of the soul’s agreement, loyalty and support. God gave us the supernatural evidence of His Kingdom, because without it, we wouldn’t know anything about Him. Thus, watch what God will do for you.

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” Hebrews 11:1

“For when God made a promise to Abraham, because He could swear by no one greater, He swore by Himself, saying, “surely blessing I will bless you, and multiplying I will multiply you.” And so, after he had patiently endured, he obtained the promise.” Hebrews 6:13-15

We all want to obtain what is in the scripture. But to get them, we have to understand the anatomy of faith, by accepting it and practicing it, we have to know that we’ll be tested.

“Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful.”  Hebrews 10:23

“Now that just shall live by faith; but if anyone draws back, My soul has no pleasure in him.”  Hebrews 10:38

Don’t waver; stay focused on Jesus-Christ.

The 6 basic principles of faith

1. The laws of Heaven trump the laws of this earth and world. The laws of nature are subservient to the laws of the Spirit of God.

2. Spiritual assurance is gained only through spiritual means (i.e. Prayer, obedience, patient endurance, and purity of soul).

3. Faith is based on Fact (Truth) and NOT on wishful or positive thinking. It’s a very real glimpse into the plans, purposes, and power of the Almighty and being convinced of both His desire and His ability to carry those plans and purposes out.

4. For faith to grow it must be fully invested.

5. Faith, if it is real, is always tested to prove its authenticity.

6. Faith, if it is real, remains steadfast and unshaken even when the natural realm lays out its arguments and presents its case of the utter impossibility of the task.

Only God is above the laws of Heaven, He defies any natural law. If you do not trust God in small things, it means that you don’t trust Him while Satan tries to bring you down.

What does Apistia mean?

Unbelief, absence of faith, withholding agreement with God

If we look at Roman 4:20-21 – “He did not waver at the promise of God through unbelief, but was strengthened in faith, giving glory to God, and being fully convinced that what He has promised He was also able to perform.”

We clearly see that Abraham was fixed and focused on God, he was not waving!

What does apeitheo mean?

To not allow one’s self to be persuaded, to refuse or to withhold belief, to refuse belief and obedience, to not comply.

That is very dangerous, and we actually have the duty to avoid it.

If we look at John 3:36 – “He who believes in the Son has everlasting life; and he who does not believe the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God abides on him.”

What does apistos mean?

If you live without your faith and trust in God, your life will be insignificant.

If we take a look on Titus 1:15 – “To the pure all things are pure, but to those who are defiled and unbelieving nothing is pure; but even their mind and conscience are defiled.”

On a daily basis, we are wavering because of the doubt, because of diakrino. Anxiety and fear keep holding us if we don’t surrender to god. Come on, pull yourself together and let’s live as Christians.

Do not listen to the enemy!

The anatomy of true discipleship

You are always on God’s side. It is not fun to purge negative thoughts out of your life and junk out. It is more about Jesus and less of you. We are talking idealistically. However, according to the word God, it is doable. But we are in a battle. The battle does not stop at any moment. You should not allow your negative thoughts to come into your mind. But if it happens, run toward God.

What is Godly diakrino?

To shield against the lying voice, to ally with the word of God over and against the whisperer, to forsake a previous allegiance to doubt, to change your support from deceitful candidate and vote in support of the King of Kings. You should cut off the whisperer of the enemy and his alliances. You should not budge; keep your eyes fixed on the Redeemer.

The return of the brave hearted faith

Faith that does not just tune out the bait of the deceiver, but faith that boldly trusts once again to what God can do in our generation. That same God who lived in Peter, John and Paul, that same God lives in us.


Let’s boldly stand-up with brave hearted certitude toward our God

Toward God and only God

Faith of the size of a mustard seeds can tell a mountain to move to the sea.


Give, and it will be given to you. Luke 6:38


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