Crush The Enemy By Faith – Part 1

Christianity is based on faith. Without it there is not much left because everything in Christianity that matters operate with it.

Christianity is based on faith. Without it there is not much left because everything in Christianity that matters operate with it.

If you desire grace, you need it.
If you want to know God’s love and live in God’s love, again you need faith.
Salvation? Yes, faith is the passport.
Righteousness? Faith, for sure …

The Bible says in Hebrews 11:6 that

“without faith it is impossible to please God.”

In Galatians 5:6

“The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself in love.”

Then again in Ephesians 2:8

“you are saved by grace through faith.”

It definitely appears that a lot rests on this idea of faith. Indeed, if faith is absent, then the gospel is rendered powerless in a human life. Faith can be considered a soul fuel upon which the gospel spark kindles and sets aflame.

When you undermine faith, you undermine Christianity, without it, it’s like you mess with the word of God. The only intelligence of the enemy is to bring doubt in your faith on God. But that intelligence and IQ doesn’t make a godly person. The enemy had 6000 years to get to know human beings. He knows us well by now. He used the same technique with Eve in the Garden of Eden. He doesn’t need to re-invent anything. This is an issue of faith! God already gave the evidence by offering us the access to the Bible, but we become lazy enough to apply what He taught us.

A lot of us have faith, but it is misapplied. It is not applied in the person of God and Jesus-Christ. We look too much on our own confidence.

The powerful faith is a road toward Christ.

We should give compassion to someone who doubt about the promises of God by giving him/her solid evidence that he/she is being mislead, the enemy is playing with him/her.

The God who cannot lie, promised you more rewards that you can imagine. It is time to turn away your eyes from your junk and direct them to Christ.

Truth wins! God wins! Instead of being the victim of doubt, you can be the victor of Christ!

Let’s say we are in a courtroom and you are the judge to your future, the enemy tries to mislead your thought and he wins because of the way you live, the way you occupy yourself and involuntarily you are impregnated with false judgmental principles.

Six maneuvers that Satan uses against us:

1-    Pollution: Visual temptation will make you feel ashamed. Woman and man know what I’m talking about.

2-    Tiredness: too much preoccupation. You run after money. You end up putting your work before God.

3-    Distractions: Imagine that you are on a date with your wife and you tell her that you love her while looking at the TV on the side.

4- Anxiety/Fear: You have the King of the Kings on your side and you permit yourself to fear because you did not listen to Him.

5-    Anger/Frustration: You wanted something very dearly, but you did not get it, and you end up being frustrated from God that He did not give you what you wanted, knowing that you were honestly praying. Come on, do you know what is His big plan for you? Where is your trust?

6-    Doubt: ah the only weapon on Satan’s hands

To live as Christians, we have to know how our enemy works and how God works.

On a daily basis Satan invites us to take a bite from the tempting fruit of doubt. Guess what? We take the bite! Satan invites us by saying that by taking this bite, things will be different. Sure, things will be different; we would have taken a step back from God.

God says that whatever you ask in His name, it will be given to you. But often, nothing happens. What a great opportunity for Satan to come with one of his maneuvers to mislead us.
Does God exist?
Where is He?

That is just idiocy!!!

God = The Truth = Fact = Real


1- The word of God1- Feelings/Emotions
2- The promises2- The appeal of anxiety
3- The unseen reality3- The appeal of lethargy
4- The nature of God4- The appeal of grievance

By ruling on your feelings, the enemy tells you to give up on God. He uses your feelings as an instrument against you. He invites us to “sleep”, to be passive and being Christians by name. Do not be dupe by the enemy.

Do not follow the word of anyone if it doesn’t match 100% the word of God. Where you set your soul eye sight, define where your faith eye sight is directed. If they are directed toward what God is speaking, you have life and life abundant.

Look at the word Diakrino (Greek), it can be briefly define as doubt. But it is more than that. It means to side against, to ally with one over and against another, to forsake a previous allegiance, to waver in support of one candidate and vote in support of another.

Even by being unbelievers, we believe in something, we believe in lie and the enemy over God. It is taking side with Satan against God. We say that Christians are believers, but also none Christians believe in something.


“Give, and it will be given to you.” Luke 6:38


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