Should Christians attend secular universities?

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Christians and Secular Universities

In contrast to secular universities, Christian universities offer great opportunities to acquire a rounded education that can equip a student to take a prominent place in society. These institutions help students develop more than just the mental skills but also the spiritual ones to become more prepared to serve and prosper as modern-day followers of Christ. Many of the Christian universities are fully accredited and well respected—even in the secular world. Thus, Christians universities offer much more than a “safe haven,” they offer preparation for this life and the life to come.

Christian universities also provide a good moral culture for socialization with like-minded people. Usually relationships between the sexes develop during college years. So, following the Bible command to, “not be yoked together with unbelievers” is clearly more feasible there (2 Corinthians 6:14).

Some students are attracted to secular universities because they offer a wider range of fields of education that may not be offered in Christian universities. These students should keep in mind that the secular culture will be a test to them, and their faith will be challenged. So, if they feel they will be too weak in that environment, they should consider attending Christian schools.

As for those who are called by God to attend secular universities as witnesses for the truth, they should maintain their daily relationship with God by studying His Word and praying that they may be able to stand firm against the secular tide. They should be encouraged by the examples of Joseph and Daniel, who were led by God at an early age to stand for the truth in pagan environments. Though persecuted, they were able to achieve great successes by God’s grace and testify to Him.

For those who are contemplating to choose the right university to attend, seek the Lord in prayer, study His Word for direction, consider the council of godly Christians, and finally be open to whereever the Lord leads.

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