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Rarely watching television anymore, I get most of my news from the large number of friends on my Facebook feed. Recently while scrolling through various updates, I stumbled across a rather infuriating article1 that I had remembered from last year.

It was on the so-called “Bro-choice” movement, which promotes abortion for the sake of allowing men to have consequence-free sex. The article linked to another2 written by a self-described libertarian who advocated ways to coerce girls into getting abortions.

The writer went on to explain how he had caused the murder of two of his children by emotionally manipulating women, before intentionally dumping them. Most disgustingly was that the article was written as a manual to help other guys do the same. Of course in today’s world this attitude is far more prevalent than we would like to believe. It was only a matter of time that something like Bro-choice would bubble to the surface.

I had just about lost all faith in humanity, when I happened to run across another article3 dated from a few months ago. It was about a man named David Whaymand, dubbed the “Husband of the Century,” who gave his wife, Carolyn Whaymand, the ultimate Christmas present.
Carolyn was dying of cystic fibrosis, and the only way to save her was through a kidney transplant. It was then that David stepped in and donated one of his own. This had not been the first time either. Thirteen years prior, he had also donated part of his lung to his wife, at a time when many patients had died from just such an operation.
Considering the Bro-Choice piece, I found the article a refreshing contrast to today’s world, and prayed I could love someone like that one day. Stories like Mr. Whaymand’s provide examples of true Christ-like character as exemplified in Ephesians 5:25: “Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself up for her.”
Unfortunately though, the lack of this attitude may also be its own cause in a vicious cycle of sorts. Bad behavior by men invariably leads to broken families and fatherless children. However as Ephesians points out, fathers are to be images of Christ. As such, a non-existent father presents the image of a non-existent God4 to his children.

And it seems psychology bears this out. Paul Vitz, a professor of psychology at New York University, argues for the so-called “defective father hypothesis.” By looking at prominent atheists over the last several centuries, he found that many of them came from homes with absent or abusive fathers.
With the impression of an absent God, many youth lose their direction in life5, and statistics prove this. Fatherless homes have produced numerous problems from delinquency, to premarital sex, to drug abuse, to skyrocketing out of wedlock pregnancy.

Pastor Ken Hutchinson discusses the statistics of fatherless homes.

Of course these are the very self-serving behaviors that lead to things like Bro-choice. A lack of Christ-like fathers produces hurt mothers and alienated children who grow up to be just like their fathers. In turn, these attitudes affect the culture at large pulling others into it, and the downward spiral continues.
How can this trend be reversed? The answer lies in the very thing that it is destroying. Men, even young men like myself, need to stand up in the face of the cultural current and move in the other direction. And this is something that might require a little chivalry.


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