What’s evidence for the young age of earth?


By BibleAsk Team

Evidence for the Young Age of Earth

Here are some evidences from various fields of science to show the young age of earth:


1-DNA in “ancient” fossils extracted from bacteria that are supposed to be 425 million years old brings into question that age, because DNA could not last more than thousands of years.

2-Lazarus bacteria revived from salt inclusions supposedly 250 million years old, suggests that salt is not millions of years old.

3-Very limited variation in the DNA sequence on the human Y- chromosome around the world is consistent with a recent origin of mankind, thousands not millions of years.

4-Dinosaur blood cells, blood vessels, and proteins (hemoglobin, osteocalcin and collagen) are not consistent with their supposed age, but make more sense if the remains are young.

5-There is a lack of 50:50 racemization of amino acids in fossils “dated” at millions of years old, whereas complete racemization would occur in thousands of years.

6-The ages of the world’s oldest living organisms, trees, are consistent with an age of the earth of thousands of years.


7-Thick, tightly bent strata without sign of melting or fracturing (Grand Canyon) indicates rapid folding before the sediments had time to solidify. This eliminates out hundreds of millions of years and is consistent with extremely rapid formation during the biblical Flood.

8-There are polystrate tree trunks fossils in the Yellowstone fossilized forests, Nova Scotia and in many other places. Polystrate fossilized lycopod trunks indicate rapid burial/formation of the organic material that became coal.

9-Experiments show that with conditions mimicking natural forces, oil forms quickly and it does not need millions of years which is consistent with an age of thousands of years.

10-Clastic dykes and pipes show that the overlying rock strata were still soft when it happened. This drastically shortens the time scale for the deposition of the penetrated rock strata.

11-The amount of salt in the world’s oldest lake contradicts its supposed age and suggests an age more consistent with its formation after Noah’s Flood, which is consistent with a young age of the earth.

12-Erosion at Niagara Falls and other such places is consistent with just a few thousand years since the biblical Flood. However, much of the Niagara Gorge likely formed very rapidly with the catastrophic drainage of glacial Lake Agassiz.

13-Pressure in oil/gas wells indicates the recent origin of the oil and gas.

14-Measured rates of stalactite and stalagmite growth in limestone caves are consistent with a young age of several thousand years.

15-The decay of the earth’s magnetic field is evident from measurements and is consistent with theory of free decay since creation, suggesting an age of the earth of only thousands of years.

Radiometric Dating

16-Carbon-14 in fossil wood indicates ages of thousands, not millions, of years.

17-Evidence of a period of rapid radioactive decay in the recent past points to a young earth explanation.

18-Pleochroic halos produced in granite by concentrated specks of short half-life elements such as polonium suggest a period of rapid nuclear decay of the long half-life parent isotopes during the formation of rocks which speak against the usual ideas of geological deep time.


19-The tidal friction causes the moon to recede from the earth at 4 cm per year. It would have been greater in the past when the moon and earth were closer together. The moon and earth would have been in catastrophic proximity at less than a quarter of their supposed age.

20-Tidal dissipation rate of Earth’s angular momentum increases the length of day, currently by 0.002 seconds/day every century (thus an impossibly short day billions of years ago).

21-The existence of short-period comets, e.g. Halley, which have a life of less than 20,000 years, is consistent with an age of the solar system of less than 10,000 years.

22-The observed rapid rate of change in stars contradicts the vast ages assigned to stellar evolution.

23-The ageing of spiral galaxies (much less than 200 million years) is not consistent with their supposed age of many billions of years.

Human History

24-There are not enough stone age human skeletons and artifacts for 100,000 years of a human population of just one million, let alone more people (10 million?).

25-The length of recorded history and the origin of various civilizations, writing, etc., all came about the same time several thousand years ago.

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