Can you lose your salvation?


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That’s a really good question as well, and in fact that’s a kind of hard to answer because we like to think that “once you’re saved you’re always saved” and you’re you’re locked in – you’re good to go and no need to worry. But, I like to say it this way: as we mentioned in our last question about how are we saved and what are we being saved from, we learned that God is saving us from sin. But, the thing is this in in I John 4:8 the Bible tells us that “God is love” and that’s a whole other Bible study in and of itself, but just to summarize it very quickly: God is love and one thing that love cannot do is love cannot force itself. The moment love forces itself into your life or onto somebody it ceases to be love – it becomes selfish. God is not selfish. God is selfless. God is love and He will not force you.

I like to think of it this way. You think about a scenario here of a young man and a young woman who are who are dating each other perhaps. They’re out on a picnic and it’s just two of them because of “social isolation”. They’re out on a picnic, just by themselves. It’s the perfect sunset. Everything is great. The setup is just right and you think that this is the moment the guy is going to pull out a ring and propose, but instead he pulls out a shotgun and he says “marry me or else”. Now what would you do if you were in that situation? If you really loved him, would you marry him? You probably wouldn’t marry him, because you’re being forced.
In the same way God is love. He does not force His love upon us. The moment He forces us … well that’s gonna scare us away. And I know we really know that God doesn’t force His love upon us, but here’s the thing: God respects you so much. He respects your free will so much that He gives you the freedom to stay or He gives you the freedom to leave.

Now, who in the right mind would want to leave Jesus? Well there’s a verse in the Bible in John chapter 6 verse 66. Ironically it’s John 6:66. I have my notes here and I just want to read it so that I don’t misquote it. John 6:66, the Bible reads:

“From that time many of his disciples went back, and walked no more with Him.” John 6:66

If you analyze that verse very carefully, what it’s saying is this: at one point Jesus had 70 disciples, besides the 12, who were following Him. They even had the power to do miracles. But, there came a point in their walk with Jesus that they did not agree with what He had to say and ultimately they made a choice to no longer walk with Him. If you read the rest of that story, of course, Jesus was sad but He did not force them to stay. So going back to the question: once you’re saved are you always saved or can you choose to walk away from God? As we have seen in this verse here, God gives you the freedom to actually walk away. Who in the right mind would do that, I don’t know, but He gives you that freedom to do so. Why? Because God is a gentleman and He does not force His will upon us.

This answer is also available in: हिन्दी

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