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Right. So this question is from Robert, who is asking, I had a dream. I was in the grocery store and in the frozen food section, a particular person came around the corner and told me not to eat this certain brand of frozen bread that appeared to be a healthy version. Instead, he pointed to a different brand of bread and said, eat of this instead. What do you think this possibly means?

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Well, my friend Robert, I will tell you something. There’s two ways I could answer this because I’m not sure. Sometimes dreams are from the Lord. That’s definitely true. We see that in the life of Joseph. We see that in the life of Mary, obviously, and the husband of Mary, who is the stepfather of Jesus, as well as Joseph in the Old Testament, who had the dreams and interpreted dreams. So dreams can definitely mean something very important. They can definitely be from God. But also, I want to point you to a verse in Ecclesiastes, chapter five, verse nine, and it reads, chapter five, verse eight, I apologize. Chapter five, verse three. If I could remember where I’m going, that would be probably pretty good, too. Chapter five, and it reads, for a dream comes through much activity and a Fool’s voice is known by his many words. So basically what the Bible is saying here is that another version or the King James version reads as in the midst of much busyness dreams come. So basically, if you got a lot going on in your life, a dream comes through the multitude of business. Exactly. So if you got a lot going on, you’re just thinking about stuff, worried about stuff.

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You just got all these pressures and stresses going on. Things might pop up in your dreams that are just weird. And so it might just be that or you could have just eaten too close before bed. So sometimes dreams don’t mean anything. But if you’re kind of remembering this and you’re feeling like maybe this is from God. So this person who maybe is a religious leader, a person is telling you, don’t eat this bread, eat a different bread. It could be that God is trying to tell you, hey, through this person, bread in the Bible is a symbol of the word of God. Jesus said, man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. He says that in Matthew, chapter four. And so, you know, maybe God is trying to direct you to a better source of God’s word. And so if that’s what you’re feeling, maybe that’s kind of what’s going on. I would definitely take it to God in prayer and say, Lord, am I really hearing the truth from the pastor that I’m listening to or the Church I’m attending or some other spiritual leader that I have in my life?

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Is there a better way? Is there more truth out there that I haven’t experienced. I haven’t tasted yet. And so I would suggest take it to God in prayer, study your Bible and ask God to give you more light and lead you to more truth because that’s his will is for us to come to the full knowledge of the Son of God. And so if you’re feeling like there’s something deeper about this dream where God’s trying to direct you to something better for your life, absolutely. And if it’s bread, a healthier bread, a better bread, that would definitely be a symbol of God is trying to lead you to greater and greater truth. And so I would be open to God’s leading through his Holy spirit and I would definitely dedicate time in your life first thing in the morning or whenever you have time, set aside to just study God’s word and see what God has hidden there for you. I can’t help but think of the verse that says there is great and wonderful things that I’ve seen out of thy law and so God wants to teach you rich and beautiful things, but it takes your time and attention to do that.

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