Why the Big Bang theory is not scientific?Why the Big Bang theory is not scientificWhy the Big Bang theory is not scientific?


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The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is defined as the explosive event marking the beginning of the known universe. This theory is taught in the educational systems in spite of the many flaws it contains. There are many reasons why the Big Bang Theory is not scientific. Here are briefly just seven reasons: 

First-Scientists should be able to see evidence for the the Big Bang

If the Big Bang took place 13.7 billion years ago, then the deeper scientists look into the universe, the closer to the explosion they should see. However, no matter how deep they look into space, still there is no proof of it. Instead of seeing developing stars and planets at the early pre-formed universe, they see stars and planets just like the ones in our own galaxy.

Second-Lack of universal galactic uniformity

Galaxies in the universe are spread out in an uneven fashion, clumped together at certain points with big gaps. For this theory to have happened, galaxies would be perfectly and evenly spread out. This lack of universal galactic uniformity contradicts the fundamental aspects of the Big Bang theory.

Third-Dark Matter and Dark Energy

In order for the Big Bang theory to be true, dark matter and dark energy should be the most abundant substances in the universe. But there is no evidence for Dark Matter and Dark Energy anywhere in the universe.

Fourth-The Magnetic Monopole

A magnetic monopole is a particle which holds an electrical charge, generating a net “magnetic charge” within the individual particle. If the Big Bang theory was true, these particles should be commonly and frequently found in the universe. But a magnetic monopole has never been once observed.

Fifth-The Theory of Inflation violates Einstein’s General Law of Relativity

Inflation states that after the Big explosion, all the particles in the universe traveled faster than the speed of light. But Einstein’s General Law of Relativity proves that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light.

Sixth-This theory violates Newton’s Second Law of Thermodynamics

Newton’s Second Law of Thermodynamics – Entropy – states that all matter has a natural tendency to move to disorder. But, for the Big Bang to have happened the opposite thing would have happened: all matter would have moved toward order. This is impossible.

Seven-This theory violates Newton’s First Law of Thermodynamics

Newton’s First Law of Thermodynamics states that matter cannot be created nor destroyed. However, the Big Bang theory teaches that the universe was created out of nothing. This is scientifically impossible.

For these reasons and others, the Big Bang theory remains just a theory and not a scientific fact.

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