Can loyalty and love be separated?

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I’m like. Robert asks, can loyalty without love be separated? And I believe we did discuss that at one time, a few weeks back, a bit more lengthy, but I think we talked about how loyalty is an aspect of love, or at least in terms of faithfulness. Loyalty can mean many things, but we talk about how love is or faithfulness is a key characteristic of love, which God has demonstrated time and time and time again, and we should strive to carry that out as well.

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Yeah, but can you still be loyal without loving somebody? Absolutely. I think the last time we were talking about that, I was like, yeah, I can be loyal to my boss at work. I don’t necessarily love my boss, but I am loyal to them. They pay my paycheck.

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You could have loyalty without love, but can you have love without loyalty?

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Yeah, I think that’s another question. Can you have love without loyalty? And I would say, no, absolutely not. I love my husband, and because I love him, I will be 100% loyal to him out of love. And that’s a different type of relationship, obviously. Same thing with God. We are loyal to God because we love him. Some people, they think they’re loyal to God just out of a sense of duty, but I don’t think their heart’s just not in it. And you can tell the difference between somebody who serves God out of love or just out of a sense of duty, kind of like you’d serve your boss or something like that. And we definitely want to serve a God of love because he loves us. You?

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