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Are there real evil spirits in the world?

Evil spirits are real fallen angelic beings that are behind all the wickedness, suffering and pain we see in the world. Before the creation of our world, God created perfect angels with the freedom of choice. But Lucifer, the head of all angelic beings rejected and opposed God’s authority (Ezekiel 28:12-17; Isaiah 14:13, 14).

Lucifer deceived third of the angels (Revelation 12:3, 4) and caused a rebellion in heaven. God had no choice but to cast out Lucifer and his angels because Lucifer’s aim was to usurp God’s throne even if it meant murder (John 8:44).

After his expulsion from heaven, Lucifer was called Satan, meaning “adversary,” and the devil, meaning “slanderer.” The angels who followed Satan were called demons or evil spirits.

Sometime after the fall of Lucifer, God created humans and also gave them the freedom of choice. He created Adam and Eve in His own image (Genesis 1:26-27). But Satan tempted them and they fell for his lies and he became the ruler of this earth (John 12:31).

But God in His infinite mercy, planned a way of salvation to men, He sent His innocent Son to die on behalf of humanity and thus atone for their sin. Every person that believes in Jesus as a personal Savior and walk in His path will be saved eternally (John 3:16). Through Christ’s death, Satan lost the ruler-ship of this earth (John 12:31).

For this reason, Satan hates humans that God loved to death. And since he can’t hurt God directly, he directs his hate against God’s children (John 8:44). He will take every measure to destroy God’s children so that they end up in hell with him (1 Peter 5:8).

But God has provided all the grace necessary so that His children may overcome the evil spirits (Ephesians 6:11). God grants His children daily power, wisdom and knowledge to resist all the temptations of the devil and his angels (Luke 19:19).

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