Are there ethical or safety reasons for a Christian not to take the COVID vaccine?


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Let’s go ahead and get our next question up here all right five minutes all right so Jennifer is asking if a vaccine has used the cells of an aborted fetus in its development can you explain why a Christian or anyone should not take this vaccine and also if you know about how messenger RNA could affect a person’s DNA all right do you want to jump on that jared yes i actually have many verses but um I’ll try to be concise as we’re short so if you look at romans verse 14 1 to 4 it talks about um it’s a different context about those who might be worried about eating food that had been offered to idols and does Paul say oh how ball out both people you know the one who would eat it and the one who wouldn’t no what does Paul say he says he says in romans 14 1 to that you know people should just act according to their conscience so yeah receive one who is weak in the faith but not to disputes over doubtful things you know so for the one who believes who believes he must eat all things but he who is weak eats only vegetables you know he’s not going to eat the meat because he’s afraid might be offered to idols but let not him who eats despise him who does not eat meat and let not him who does not eat meat judge him who eats for god has received him who are you to judge another servant to his own master he stands or falls indeed he is or sorry he will be made to stand for god is able to make him stand let people act according to their own conscience so if you’re feeling convicted one way or another act according to your conscience god understands he he that’s what he’s looking for but we need to make sure that we’re acting on the right information we need to be very careful as Christians to not be deceived Matthew 24 4 you know what are the end times going to be like Jesus says first thing take heed that no one deceives you there’s deceptions everywhere you can’t trust anything from anyone pretty much i say the only thing you can trust and believe is the bible that is the safest only place you can find truth and you’ve got to measure everything up to that and when it comes to things are going on like for example um you know the johnsons johnson vaccine did that there’s been allegations that that used uh fetal cells is that true johnson johnson has denied that so i does that mean it’s johnson johnson is telling the truth i don’t know does it mean someone else is lying about that i don’t know none of us really know the facts but the actual people involved i would say um so we got to listen to again what what are we getting from the bible if you’re able to hear the voice of the holy spirit just go with your conviction and and don’t let people judge you and don’t judge other people who are feeling convicted otherwise and let’s uh another thing that’s important to talk about and be mindful of going back to the seed revelation 14 5 describing god’s people and god’s end time people the ones who really restore the image of god restore god’s reputation show what it’s like to really follow god describing them the bible says and in their mouth was found no deceit or they are without fault before the throne of god so these people are not telling lies they’re speaking the truth and it’s very important that we as christians before we say anything we make sure we are speaking the truth so again i’m not saying anything is false or not that’s for you to decide but be informed do your research go back and look at actual original sources to extent you can don’t rely on just what someone has said repeating what 50 other people before them said we got to do our research verify before we participate in any spreading of information because sometimes we might be spreading gossip so looks like let’s take a look at proverbs 26 starting at verse 20. it says where there is no wood the the fire goes out and where there is no tailbearer or gossiper strife ceases as charcoal is is to burning coals and wood to fire so is a contentious man to kindle strife the words of a tailbearer are light tasty trifles and they go down into the inmost part and matthew 5 9 jesus says blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the sons of god. who do you want to be do you want to be one who’s risking being a gossiper a tail bearer when spreading potentially false them for information i want to make sure that we’re being a peacemaker that we don’t have deceit in our mouth i think we of all people all people in the world we christians should strive to be the ones who are the most truthful the most accurate with what we say the most respectful and loving with what we say and not try to be polarizing people but finding ways that we can dispel conflict put away you know put we stand up to falsities too yes absolutely but we got to do it the right way in a loving way a way that really well i mean next verse titus 310 and i prefer niv if we’re able to put that one up nivea i like how it works it says warn a divisive person once and then warn them a second time and after that have nothing to do with them like that’s really the attitude we should have within our church with people people who are just divisive they’re a problem and it doesn’t matter which side the divi of divisiveness we’re talking about exactly and and again there’s a there’s a right time to stand up for truth i’m not saying don’t ever stand up for truth but what man are we doing it because satan is all about division satan is we talked about last time satan is the one really at the core of pitting human against human and nation against nation and ethnicity against ethnicity we’re playing satan’s game we’re falling into his traps when we engage in that and we should be with love bringing people back together with truth being bringing people back together with the help of the holy spirit working through us bringing people back together so with the vaccine debate you know we need to be very careful when we take a side there to make sure we’re on the right side we’re giving the right information and we are not being unnecessarily divisive but really trying to in love respect guide people into truth but act according to your conscience i agree i think that’s so important what you’re saying as far as you know let people choose according to their conscience and i think you know like when it comes to you know guiding people you know the bible’s very clear you know you if the bible is clear on a point like you know thou shalt not murder yeah don’t thou shall not shall not still don’t steal but when it comes to a vaccine i mean we don’t know exactly what’s in it we don’t you know like you said we’re not the manufacturer um and we can’t judge people for trying to keep their bodies healthy you know we can’t judge people’s motivation in getting a vaccine i mean so i think it’s up to you like you’re saying it’s totally a personal decision between you and god you know you pray about it you do your research and you make your own decision but you don’t you know have to aggressively tell people how they should think or feel or act you know they need to to do what’s right in their own you know again according to their own conscience um and let them make up their own mind on that um as far as that goes because you know i have family who’s got gotten vaccinations and i know some people that are are weary of it and you know i like i only thing i would say is you know do your research and and do what you think is best for your health and i think that that’s you know a personal decision so i really appreciate you you know giving us that that really clear biblical point of view in that way thanks god i’m sorry i didn’t answer the question the way the person asking it wanted okay jennifer but sorry jennifer but i hope maybe i’ll give you a different way to think about the issue yeah and you know jennifer we love you and you know we just want you to again you you get to speak your own mind and respect that and we’re going to respond in the way we feel and you know i just pray that no matter what we can respect each other as brothers and sisters in christ because that’s really the bottom line just you know loving each other respecting each other


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