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Are mermaids mentioned in the Bible?

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Alright. So our first question is, are mermaids mentioned anywhere in the Bible? This was the top question. Do I jump in on this, Natalie?

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At the top of my head, I’m going to say no, they are not mentioned in the Bible except if the Bible mentions Dagon, which was the God that was half human, half fish. And I know that God sent an angel several times to cut down that abomination. And a lot of times people like to associate mystical creatures with ancient writings. And the Bible is very much an ancient writing, but it is not mystical in any way. The Bible says we were created in God’s image, man and woman. He created them. And we have heads, we have arms, we have legs, and all creation you don’t see living today any such creatures. And so it’s a fiction of imagination that people like to project onto the Bible, grouping it up with mystical writings when it’s very different.

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I think it’s interesting you mentioned Dagon because the Bible often refers to or depending on what translation might have. It talks about sea Peoples and that actually was the Philistines. So the Philistines were known as the sea Peoples because they were from the Mediterranean Sea Ocean and came from that area. But it’s not that these were people living in the sea like half man, half fish, but it was just people who were navigating the ocean, the Mediterranean at that time.

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Yeah. That also brings to mind people who commonly mistaken the sons of God as being actually Angels and not human and the sea Peoples being humans that lived around the sea and the sons of God being people who followed God and not actually nonhuman beings.

Speaker 3

Exactly. That’s a good point. We could often take things that are in the Bible and really take it down this really bizarre robe or most of the time it is just talking about people. So yeah, great point.

Speaker 1

It’s interesting to me that you guys mentioned these two connections because I have to admit when I read this, I thought where would someone even get the ID that mermaids are mentioned in the Bible? So I appreciate your sharing this then talking about day one, talking about these connections where those that may have been inferred from.

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