Is there an archaeological proof outside the Bible to the confusion of tongues at the tower of Babel?

Yes, there is a reference to the confusion of tongues at the tower of Babel in the early Mesopotamian literature. This reference is found in the Sumerian epic entitled “Enmerkar and the Lord of Aratta.”

Here is the Kramer translation:

Once upon a time there was no snake, there was no scorpion, There was no hyena, there was no lion,

There was no wild dog, no wolf, There was no fear, no terror, Man had no rival. In those days, the lands of Subur (and) Hamazi, Harmony-tongued Sumer, the great land of the decrees of princeship,

Uri, the land having all that is appropriate, The land Martu, resting in security, The whole universe, the people in unison  To Enlil in one tongue [spoke] … (Then) Enki, the lord of abundance (whose) commands are trustworthy,

The lord of wisdom, who understands the land,

The leader of the gods, Endowed with wisdom, the lord of Eridu Changed the speech in their mouths, [brought] contention into it, Into the speech of man that (until then) had been one.

As you can see, from the above passage, there is reference to what happened at the tower of Babel, and how languages were changed, which in turn led to people spreading across the earth to populate it, as God instructed.

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